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10 Best Spanish Language Shows on Prime Video, Ranked

Streaming has come a long way in the past decade with increasingly diverse content, language, and platform options. There’s Crunchy Roll for the lovers of Japanese animé, and K-Drama stans can watch a variety of AAPI shows and movies on Viki Rakuten. With over 50 million Spanish speakers living in the United States, it makes sense that the streaming service, Prime Video, would offer a variety of Spanish language content and these 10 shows are the best.

From the classic Mexican novela Cuna de Lobos (Cradle of Wolves) to the Spanish language version of the popular cooking show MasterChef, thanks to technology and subtitles, anyone can enjoy the top ten shows regardless of their native tongue. Here are the 10 best ranked to get viewers started.



10 ‘Cuna de Lobos’ (1986-1987)

The Creel-Larios family.
Image via Prime Video

An award-winning international hit, the telenovela Cuna de Lobos is a tale of murder, betrayal, lies, and revenge beginning with the murder of wealthy pharmaceutical entrepreneur Carlos Larios (Raúl Meraz) by his wife Catalina Creel (Maria Rubio). This sets off a chain of treacherous events pitting the wolves against each other in the race to inherit Carlos’ empire.

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The adversarial relationship between the duplicitous Catalina and Carlos’ office employee Leonora Navarro (Diana Bracho) is a running thread throughout the novela once Leonora gets pregnant by favored son and heir Alejandro (Alejandro Camacho). Leading to the kidnapping of Leonora’s child by Catalina, to give to Alejandro and his barren wife to secure their fortune.

9 ‘Latin Flow’ (2021-2023)

The cast of Latin Flow.
Image via MTV Latin America

Set in Medellin, this Colombian documentary follows the journey of nine women hoping to make their dreams of stardom come true in a quest to become the Queen of Reggaeton. Airing on MTV Latin America, the series is a behind-the-scenes look at the passion and heartbreak of trying to make it in the business.

Popular Latin Grammy Best New Artist nominee Pitizio stars in this musical reality show alongside the Afro-Latina LGBTQ+ singer, Mabiland, in their pursuit of Reggaeton fame. Where there’s competition, there’s drama and Latin Flow has plenty of it.

8 ‘Tangos, Tequilas y Algunas Mentiras’ (2023)

Diego and Lu in Tangos, Tequilas y algunas mentiras.
Image via Prime Video

In this Spanish-language romantic comedy, Mexican bar owner Lu (Cassandra Sánchez Navarro) has to take a job bartending to maintain her stake in the business she shares with best friends Fer (Ximena Sariñana) and Tatiana (Pilar Santacruz). Lu puts up a successful façade that begins to unravel when Argentinian tourist Diego (David Chocarro) comes into the bar.

The chemistry between Lu and Diego is undeniable, and watching Lu let her guard down around the handsome stranger is refreshing. Diego’s madre is none too happy with the pairing. While at times the writing can seem contrived, it still delivers as we follow Lu and Diego’s journey to lasting love with a blend of drama and comedy.

7 ‘Corazon Contento’ (2018-2023)

Married couple in the kitchen on Corazon Contento.
Image via Prime Video

This show follows the lives of three Mexican families whose unhealthy lifestyles are a common thread. A humorous, yet serious look at how the choices we make have unrecognized consequences, and the struggles that many deal with in the Latino community when it comes to food, culture, and healthy habits.

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From Mexico City to Merida to Monterrey, the trials and tribulations of the Muñoz, Lara, and Ramos families as they navigate the delicate relationship between what you want versus what you need to eat. Writers do a good job of telling the families’ stories with dignity and respect despite the controversial underlying topic.

6 ‘Locas Por El Cambio’ (2020)

Frenemies Paula and Paulina.
Image via Prime Video

High school enemies Paula (Mariel Molina) and Paulina (Sofía Sisniega) come face to face again at their high school reunion. A confrontation between the two leads to an unforeseen turn of events when the wealthy Paula and the less affluent Paulina wake up in each other’s bodies in this predictable but fun body swap comedy.

Paulina wastes no time taking advantage of the perks that come with Paula’s high-flying and indulgent lifestyle. Used to being waited on and having staff at her beck and call, Paula soon learns what life is like on the other side. The reversal of fortune for these Latina ladies in Locas por el Cambio (Crazy for Change) is both a lesson in humility and priorities.

5 ‘Harina’ (2022-2023)

Lieutenant Ednon Prieto and Officer Ramirez in Harina.
Image via Prime Video

This quirky Spanish language buddy-cop comedy follows Lieutenant Edson Prieto (Guillermo Vargas), also known as Harina (flour in Spanish), and his subordinate Officer Ramírez (Verónica Bravo) as they hunt serial killer The Canceler (Louis Fernando Peña). Ramirez is just one of many Latina characters that shine on the small screen.

Prieto is arrested midway through the series after being set up and arrested as the serial killer he and Ramirez are investigating. This forces the pair to go on the run, leading to comedic situations as Prieto and his partner try to prove his innocence and clear the Lieutenant’s name.

4 ‘Infieles’ (2017)

Two main characters walking in Infieles.
Image via Prime Video

An adult-themed dramedy that takes a deep dive into the reasons and choices behind infidelity, Infieles gives viewers a birds-eye view into the private lives of couples struggling to walk the line between fidelity and selfish pleasure.

In Episode 4, married couple Juan Carlos (Rodolfo Silva) and Silvana (Maria Teresa Carrasco) tackle the complicated issues that come with a marriage in crisis. Juan Carlos’ superficial criticism of his wife sends them on a trajectory that could make or break their already fragile relationship. Silvana’s obsession with her physical appearance, partly due to her husband’s superficiality, puts Juan Carlos in the path of the younger Jessica (Isabel Cristina Villareal) who is a member of Silvana’s gym.

3 El Internado (2021-2023)

Students behind the gates at Laguna Negra boarding school.
Image via Prime Video

El Internado, Spanish for boarding school, is the story of orphaned siblings Marco Novoa Pazos (Martiño Rivas) and his sister Paula (Carlota Garcia) after the disappearance of their parents at sea. But unbeknownst to the teens, the school, Laguna Negra, isn’t what it seems putting the brother and sister in harm’s way.

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Under the guardianship of the boarding school’s director, Héctor de la Vega (Luis Merlo), Marco and Paula discover a secret of unsolved and unexplained murders at Laguna Negra. This reboot of the 2017 series, brings mystery, intrigue and a twist of the supernatural in this Prime Video series with a cast of characters that will satisfy any sci-fi fan.

2 El Cid (2020-2021)

Castilian knight Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar in El Cid.
Image via Prime Video

In this dramatized version of real-life events, underling Ruy (Jaime Lorente López) is torn after learning his grandfather – military leader and knight Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar is plotting to kill medieval Spain’s Count Ferdinand of Castille (José Luis García Pérez) who Ruy’s father served faithfully. The Money Heist actor shows his range in this medieval treasure.

For fans of period dramas, El Cid has it all. Aside from the realistic backdrop, tales of betrayal, honor and duty are woven throughout the series telling of Ruy’s journey from low-level squire and page to hero to thwart Count Ferdinand’s wife, Queen Sancha (Elia Galera) and Rodrigo in the attempted coup.

1 MasterChef Latino (2018-2019)

Three contestants on MasterChef Latino.
Image via Prime Video

MasterChef’s first Latina winner, Claudia Sandoval is the star judge on the Spanish language version of the British original. When MasterChef premiered on American television in 2010, it was an instant hit. Amateur chefs compete across the country competed for the coveted title, and Sandoval wowed both judges and audiences with her homemade dishes by putting both her passion and culture on the plate.

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Filmed in Mexico and aired on the Spanish television station Telemundo, celebrity chef Benito Molino Dubost joins Sandoval as a judge alongside the show’s first winner, actress Sindy Lazo and actor Andres De Oliveira to decide which Latino chef will take home the $100,000 prize.

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