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A Blessing! Gospel Singer Kierra Sheard Announces Pregnancy

Congratulations are in order for Kierra Sheard, as she and her husband, Jordan Kelly, are expecting their first child together!

Kierra Sheard Is Ready To Raise A “Game Changer”

Sheard and Kelly—35 and 32, respectively—announced the exciting news during a recent sit-down with PEOPLE.

The gospel star acknowledged the news by sharing she’s “so excited and blessed” to be with child. She also noted that she is “most excited about raising a game changer [and] loving someone so deep.”

“I am so excited and blessed to have this opportunity to carry, my prayer, and watch our baby grow. I’m most excited about raising a game changer, loving someone so deep, and having that same impact my mother had on me.”

Sheard added, “I think I’ll be raising one of my best friends!”

Following their sit-down with PEOPLE, Kierra and Jordan acknowledged the news by sharing a video on Instagram. In her caption, she said she was “so excited” to welcome her “Pookie pooooh!”

Beneath this upload, Kierra’s mother—fellow gospel legend Karen Clark-Sheard—excitedly commented, “Well look-a-dare!!!! And look at God! I’m gonna have a grand baby Yaaaaaaa!”

Kierra & Jordan Stayed Strong Amid Tragedy: “We Are Here Seeing Our Prayers Answered”

We should add that this exciting development comes on the heels of Kierra enduring two miscarriages.

The singer notes that the experience “took [her] near death’s doors.” However, becoming pregnant showed her “to keep believing” and stay true to her faith.

“God still showed me that He’s in charge, and to keep believing. I’ve been fearful and have worried, but God has sent me constant reminders and ways of affirmation.”

Kierra also gave a shoutout to her husband for holding it down in the face of uncertainty, as she shared, “My husband’s faith and declarations have stood in place of my lack many times.”

“He has encouraged me to know that I’m still loved, had we had this moment or not. Getting on one accord helps create our love child, and is growing us closer.”

Kierra also spoke on how she and Jordan were “seeing [their] prayers answered,” as they had been hoping for the opportunity to expand their family.

“I’ve downloaded faith-based books, prayed every morning over my womb and baby, and surrounded myself with a very supportive and prayerful community. As a result, we are here seeing our prayers answered.”

She wrapped up her statement by noting, “I’ve felt the presence of God in my womb, and it’s been one of the most promising moments I’ve had in my life.”

Congratulations to the couple, and we wish Kierra Sheard a happy and healthy pregnancy!



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