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‘About My Father’ Cast Talks Robert de Niro & Catching Up on ‘Succession’

While Robert de Niro and Sebastian Maniscalco are the stars of the new comedy About My Father, their co-stars David Rasche, Anders Holm, and Brett Dier nearly steal the entire film from the two of them as the men of Ellie’s (Leslie Bibb) very wealthy and very American family. Rasche plays the enthusiastic yet concerned father Bill, Holm plays the douchey brother Lucky, and Dier plays the socialist, sound bowl-loving youngest brother Doug. To keep it simple, these three men are absolutely hysterical both in the film and to interview.

I was lucky enough to sit down and talk with this hilarious trio where we discussed About My Father, improving on set, drawing parallels to people we know, and of course Succession, where some shocking truths are revealed by Rasche, Dier, and Holm.


COLLIDER: So first of all, I love the movie.

DAVID RASCHE: What did you like about it?

It was just funny, it was so heartfelt. It’s a good movie that I can watch with my parents, and I’m always looking for those kinds of movies that everybody can agree on.

RASCHE: I agree. I think that it’s not manufactured, it’s not like some sort of a template like every other movie, like, “Oh no, we’ve seen that. Okay, I get it.” It takes you to a place you don’t think you’re gonna go and it takes you there, and I thought it was just absolutely delightful, right?

Kim Cattrall, Leslie Bibb, and David Rasche wear matching outfits in About My Father
Image via Lionsgate

It was. I love how it was structured, like a rom-com almost, like the stopping at the plane. It was almost more about the relationship with the dad than his girlfriend.

ANDERS HOLM: Yeah, we haven’t seen that rom-com, the rom-com between a dad and a son.

So, Brett, I got a kick out of your character because he completely reminds me of one of my closest friends who was my roommate in college. He was from a wealthy family, and then he was like, “I’m a socialist,” and no one would take him seriously. And some of your one-liners – I was wondering, because Laura was talking about improv, how much improv was involved on set?

BRETT DIER: There was a lot of improv, yeah.

RASCHE: It was both, we did what was written, and there was always the freedom to also add stuff.

DIER: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so there was a lot of collaboration on this set, which is awesome.

Sebastian got De Niro to play his dad, and I always like talking with people about, “Oh, who would you want to play your parent in a movie?” So I already know you play their parent, but if you were to cast one of your parents in a movie with you, who would you pick?

HOLM: I would go with Brian Dennehy.

DIER: Yeah, Billy Bob Thornton for my dad, yeah, shaved head.

RASCHE: Oh boy, my dad… I don’t know, I got no answer.

DIER: You don’t got one? Come on!

RASCHE: No, not really. I’ll think about it. Talk amongst yourselves.

HOLM: [To Dier] How are you doing?

DIER: Pretty good. You?

HOLM: I’m fine.

DIER: Got it yet?


DIER: Shit.

HOLM: Moving on.

Image via Lionsgate

So, how did you come in contact with Sebastian because I know both of you are from the comedy scene. Did you know him before the movie?

HOLM: No, didn’t know him. The opportunity came to me the same traditional way, this agent manager called, and said, “Hey, this movie’s getting put together, there’s a role you could play,” and I did a Zoom with Sebastian, did a couple of scenes, and I was lucky enough to get the gig.

I also really wanted to ask, did you get to keep your serenity bowls? Did you bring those home?

DIER: No, but the flute is actually my flute, so that flute in the film, I have that.

RASCHE: Which college did you go to?

I went to Ball State over in Indiana.

DIER: I’ve never been to Indiana.

HOLM: It’s right around the corner.

Yeah, like three hours away.

HOLM: Let’s go get some fireworks.

DIER: Have you ever been to a sound bowl class?

No, I have not.

DIER: They’re interesting.

So I know you’re on Succession, and I feel like I’m the only one here who hasn’t it! I’ve been meaning to watch it.

RASCHE: You and these two guys.

DIER: I actually haven’t seen it.

HOLM: I’m not up to date.

RASCHE: They don’t know anything. They didn’t see it, they don’t read the newspapers, they don’t know anything.

HOLM: I was talking about– I had just watched Season 1 the day that we met, and I was like, “Yeah, I’m watching Succession, it’s amazing,” and you were like, “Mhmm…” But I didn’t put it together… [laughs]

Image via HBO

Sell it to them and to me?

RASCHE: Just like my sons.

DIER: You know what I did watch? In the Loop. It was fantastic.

RASCHE: In the Loop? That’s a good movie! Terrific. What a funny movie. In the Loop, did you ever watch that?

I have not seen that!

RASCHE: Armando Iannucci? The guy who did Veep did it. But let me tell you, working on this movie was as much fun as I’ve ever had, and working with Robert De Niro was more fun than I’ve ever had working with another actor. God, was he fun to work with. He’s so funny and–

DIER: More than me?

RASCHE: Much! Much more! Oh, not even a comparison. He’s just really so great, everything you ever imagined and hoped, and more. Yeah, it was really fun, it was fun working with him.

Were there any nerves there?

RASCHE: Very much so. One time they said, “You have to read a book,” the director said, “Why don’t you read a book?” So they gave me a prop book – I don’t know – so I’m reading the book, and De Niro turns around and says, “What book are you reading?” [Panics] “I… I don’t know!”

DIER: Yeah, you did great, though. You told some crazy story.

RASCHE: I made something up! But, oh my God, yeah, so it’s terrifying. But he’s great. The cast was just so funny, everybody in their own way, and it was really fun to work on.

About My Father opens in theaters on May 26. You can watch my interview with the film’s stars Robert de Niro and Sebastian Maniscalco below.



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