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Are Georgia Hassarati & Francesca Farago Feuding After ‘Perfect Match’?

Netflix reality stars Francesca Farago and Georgia Hassarati don’t seem to be friends any longer!

Francesca appeared in season 1 of the hit Netflix reality series “Too Hot To Handle” while Georgia appeared in season 3. Neither one found love in the series and found themselves in Panama filming Netflix’s “Perfect Match,” which debuted earlier this year.

Although Francesca quickly matched up with Dom Gabriel from “The Mole,” she later left him to pursue a romance with season 1 reality star Damien Powers. Dom matched with Georgia and the two actually ended up winning the show, but it appears there is some confusion about whether Georgia actually let Francesca know that she planned on matching with Dom.

Francesca Farago Calls Out Georgia Hassarti’s Relationship With Dom Gabriel During ‘Perfect Match’

In an interview with Nick Viall on “The Viall Files” after the episode aired, Georgia Hassarati took the time to tell her part of the story. In a clip from the interview that Georgia posted to Instagram, she claimed that it was actually Francesca’s idea to match with Dom to begin with.

“The day that I picked Dom, she told me to do that,” Georgia said, explaining that Francesca was trying to use her to get Chase DeMoor from season 2 of “Too Hot To Handle” out of the villa. “So she told me, ‘Match with Dom. I’m going to match with Damien.’”

Georgia Hassarati dated Dom Gabriel on 'Perfect Match'
Instagram | Dom Gabriel

Although Georgia thought it was “weird” because Dom had initially professed to be in love with Francesca at the time, Georgia insisted that Francesca told her being with Dom was a “safer bet” than Chase. After talking to Dom, Georgia said she went back to Francesca again and told her “I’m going to match with Dom.”

She said that Francesca was sitting with Damien and said that it was “fine” that Georgia matched with Dom and “didn’t care.” However, when Georgia actually sat down to watch the show, she said that she was “horrified” to see that Francesca made it look like Georgia went behind her back by matching with Dom.

Francesca Enters The Chat: ‘Lol This Didn’t Happen But Ok’

Georgia Hassarati dated Dom Gabriel on 'Perfect Match'
Instagram | Dom Gabriel

In the comments, Francesca added fuel to the fire, writing, “Lol this didn’t happen but ok.” Georgia did not reply to the post or the comments, but there were many fans who took sides in their controversy.

“All got out of hand. Georgia is not a liar, she’s genuine and a lovely person always has been since she was a little girl, unfortunately there is always going to be jealousy when you become very much liked,” one fan commented. “Georgia you are so sweet! You deserve happiness just like everyone else,” another follower wrote.

Francesca Farago models her new lingerie
Instagram | Francesca Farago

However, not everyone was Team Georgia. “The only difference between Georgia and Francesca is Fran at least was straight up and admitted when she messed up,” another user commented. “Georgia took NO accountability. She wants the image of an innocent angel yet everybody else did something wrong. Like just be real.”

“It definitely seemed like everyone went into this for the competition and not necessarily to find a connection, and now the drama is keeping us talking about it all this time later,” another follower wrote. “They’ve succeeded in their task.”

There Might Be Another Reason For The Bad Blood!

Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey
Instagram | Georgia Hassarati

Although Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati ended up winning the show, the two broke up before they could even use their vacation prize. “We’re not together. He’s amazing and I feel like we tried to see where things could go after the show,” Georgia told PEOPLE.

“We were just both in very different situations and we’re both from so far away from each other, Australia, Canada,” she continued. “I feel like when you’re in that environment you’re like, ‘Oh, it’s going to be fine. We’ll make it happen.’”

Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey
Instagram | Georgia Hassarati

“But then you come out and everything seems to not flow the way it did in that environment where everything’s handed to you and you’re just there. We tried to see how it go, and it just, unfortunately, didn’t work out,” she added.

Dom added, “I think she has a beautiful soul, a beautiful heart inside and out. I think any guy that’s with her is so lucky to have her, I think they’re the luckiest man on Earth. Obviously, after the show, there’s distance. She’s from Australia, I’m from Canada. It’s hard.”

Georgia Hassarati Moved On From Dom… With Francesca’s Ex-Fiancé Harry Jowsey!

Francesca Farago and BF Jesse Sullivan
Instagram | Francesca Farago

Georgia already has a new man in her life: “Too Hot To Handle” season 1 reality star Harry Jowsey. Harry dated Francesca on and off after their season aired and they were even engaged at one point. However, they eventually called it quits.

It’s not clear how Francesca feels about Georgia dating her ex-fiancé after dating her ex-match, but it’s probably not good. Meanwhile, Francesca has moved on with actor Jesse Sullivan, who has not appeared in any Netflix reality shows… yet!



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