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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back And Its ‘FUBAR’ (On Netflix)

When he said, “I’ll be back,” fans did not realize what Arnold Schwarzenegger meant was on Netflix, and it would be FUBAR! And no, we don’t tell that. He’s back in action in a new Netflix series, “FUBAR,” which promises to be action-packed. The most excellent bit is that it comes inspired by one of Schwarzenegger’s hit movies, but not the “Terminator.” Read on to find out more.

Nobody Does Action Like Arnold Schwarzenegger & Netflix

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in FUBAR, on Netflix
Instagram | Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger is best known for his “Terminator” franchise, although many still lust after his “Conan, the Barbarian” hunky time. Now, the 75-year-old ex-governor of California is back, starring in Netflix’s newest action comedy series, “FUBAR.”

The plot is about a CIA operative just on the edge of retirement but discovers a family secret that forces him back into the field for one last job. Of course, given that he’s still an action star, the role made it mandatory for Schwarzenegger to get into some action with his on-screen daughter Monica Barbaro. The show also stars Jay Baruchel, Barbara Eve Harris, and Adam Pally,

Along with being an action series, Schwarzenneger kicked out about the role because he gets to explore his comedy chops again, as he did in movies like “Jingle All the Way” and “Kindergarten Cop.”

Here’s a little sneak peek into this “reloaded” action hero.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is the New Face Of Netflix?

Chris Pratt, Katherine and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the LA premiere of FUBAR

FUBAR premiered in LA just a few hours ago, and it seems the family was there to support Daddy Schwarzenegger with daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger and son-in-law Chris Pratt in tow.

Schwarzenegger was all smiles at the premiere as he spoke about the series and the fun he had with it. Ever the gentleman, he was also all praise for his contemporary, Sylvester Stallone, given that he’s recently been on the screen with “Tulsa King.” The two co-starred in the movie “Escape Plan,” and the “Terminator” star said about the “Rambo” action legend, “That was fantastic. Stallone did great on that; I’m very proud of him.”

Meanwhile, it seems Schwarzenegger is not just promoting FUBAR on Netflix. Still, Netflix, as well as he launched a little promo, driving a tank over a car, about all the incredible action flicks on the streaming channel, like “Extraction 2”, “The Witcher,” and many more.

As Schwarzenegger, Netflix’s Chief Action Officer, drawls, “Nobody knows action as I do, and nobody hits like Netflix!”

What do fans think?

“All hail the GOAT.”

“Arnold’s upcoming documentary and Extraction 2 are the only reason I’ll reactivate Netflix. And if he is taking a position with Netflix, maybe it “might” be worth keeping for a bit.”

“Wow, love it….and I love my action movies and action series…..should I say that I love Arnold too?”

“The savior of Netflix.”

Here’s what Schwarzenegger has to say:

The Inspiration Behind ‘FUBAR’ Is ‘True Lies

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in FUBAR, on Netflix
Instagram | Arnold Schwarzenegger

The most excellent bit of trivia for fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger is that the “FUBAR” comes inspired by “True Lies,” a somewhat iconic movie starring the man himself and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Said the actor, speaking to the media, “We tried for years and years, and years to do a sequel for ‘True Lies,’ then we thought about a TV series. Then finally, it became a reality. When [the creator] came to me and said, “Arnold, would you like to do a TV series,’ I said – well, it was not the first thing that came to my mind – but I said, ‘What do you have in mind?’”

The “FUBAR” creators pitched the storyline, and he was sold. “I said, ‘I love it; let’s do that.’ So, they wrote it up, Rima Pundir Nick Santora did a fantastic job with his first kind of 20 pages, and they sucked me into it.”

If you still need a refresher for “True Lies,” here’s a little NSFW gem from the movie! WATCH at your own risk…



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