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Ashley Graham Shares Desire To Join ‘White Lotus’ Season 3

Ashley Graham has her eyes set on something big! 

The plus-sized model is telling her fans that there’s rarely anything she can’t do. Whether walking on the runways for top brands like Michael Kors and Dolce and Gabbana or hosting Tv shows, the media personality proves she’s an all-rounder! 

Recently, she teased her desire to make an appearance on the hit HBO series “White Lotus” for its upcoming third season. 

Ashley Graham Wants To Join The Cast For ‘White Lotus’ Season Three

In a recent Instagram post, the Tv host submitted sizzling pictures of her in a white long-sleeved sparkly sheer dress.  She layered the outfit with a black plunging bra and sage mini underskirt that gave a full view of her thick thighs. The actress paired the ensemble with a silver strap heel and a white mini bag. 

Ashley Graham auditions for White Lotus in sparkly number

Her hair was fixed in the perfect ponytail, which fell to her shoulders. She then finished her look, accessorizing with dropping pearl earrings and a pair of black sunshades. 

For all four slides, the mom of three gave her best model pose. In the first slide, she posed, holding her bag to her ear like a phone. The following video showed her giving several sultry poses and ending it with a wink, and in the final descent, she kissed the camera before entering her car. 

After taking breaths away with her beauty, Graham intensified the pressure with the accompanying caption that read, “This is my audition for White Lotus season three.” As expected, the pictures gained attention from fans who trooped in and commented on the model’s beauty.

Referencing Jennifer Coolidge’s character in “White Lotus,” a fan commented, “Just don’t jump off a yacht, pls.” The sultry pictures left another fan asking, “Can you seriously get any hotter?!” And one individual expressed that Graham would be hired for the new season. 

The model doesn’t miss when it comes to showing off her perfect body or her fashion style. A few days ago, she took to flaunting her toned physique and how she achieved it. She uploaded pictures of her doing her workout routine in active wear. 

In one picture, the “Toothbrush” music video, Vixen pulled her workout top, showing fans her toned stomach. Although the 35-year-old did not have abs, her midsection looked snatched and sculpted. “Progress,” she wrote across the snap.

Ashley Graham auditions for White Lotus in sparkly number

The mother-of-three hasn’t been shy about flaunting her weight loss despite being a plus-size model and body positivity advocate.

Fans Criticized Ashley Graham’s Tv Hosting Skills At The Oscars

With the fashion model’s intention to star in the HBO comedy series, she seems to be spreading her wings far in the entertainment industry. In March, she hosted the red carpet segment at the 95th Academy Awards. However, some fans claimed she did a poor job. 

It happened that the former “America’s Next Top Model” host interviewed actor Hugh Grant. During the conversation, she asked the actor what he was most excited to see that tonight?” However, Grant looked confused as to why he was asked that question. 

After Graham gave an explanation and rephrased her question, the actor replied, saying he wasn’t excited to see anyone in particular. The host then asked Grant what brand he wore that night, and the actor revealed he couldn’t recall his tailor’s name. 

The cover girl ended the interview by asking Grant how it felt to be in the movie “Glass Onions.” He reminded the media personality that he was barely in it and shut down her excitement over the question that seemed clever. 

In no time, fans reacted to the fashion model’s supposed lack of professionalism in the interview.  One follower wrote, “She could’ve done better with a line of questions.” Although some fans opined that the actor was rude, others defended him, claiming the actress was bland. 

Ashley Graham Slammed For Bad Interviewing Skills On Academy Awards Red Carpet

An individual defended the actor, writing, “Rude? No.. Honest? Yes..” with another sharing the same sentiment. “No, he wasn’t. Those were annoying and boring questions.” 

More critics shared their thoughts on the Tv personality’s skills. “She definitely was asking the most Highschool questions I’m sorry. He wasn’t rude; he was bored.” 

“She didn’t ask anything profound or interesting 🤷🏽‍♀️,” another observer pointed out. “No. Not at all. And that last question was silly. Like he said 3 seconds.”



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