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Bethenny Frankel Feels THIS Way About Jennifer Lopez’s Brand

Bethenny Frankel is back to reviewing celebrity products, and Jennifer Lopez is on the hot seat.

As a former member of “The Real Housewives of New York City” series, the 52-year-old is no stranger to stepping on toes with her honest opinions. The entertainer has repeatedly stirred the internet with unfiltered feedback on other stars, especially their business ventures.

In her latest appraisal session, the Skinnygirl founder dived into the “On The Floor” singer’s skincare line, JLo Beauty, and rated some of the brand’s popular merchandise. 

Bethenny Frankel Claims Jennifer Lopez Is ‘Dying’ To Join The Big Leagues With Her Skincare Line

Bethenny Frankel at Hollywood Reporter & SAG-AFTRA 3rd Annual Emmy Nominees Night

The rising TikTok sensation took to the video-sharing platform to share her thoughts on two of Lopez’s skincare products, the glow serum and under-eye cream. Starting with the serum, which she got for $67.15, the media personality recounted a story about the product.

According to the New Yorker, the merchandise became popular after the makeup artist Scott Barnes allegedly called the serum Jergens. After rubbing the product on her face, Frankel seemed impressed with the item, which she described as “a very nice, simple serum.”

Throwing in a little backstory about her relationship with the Latina goddess, the “Naturally Thin” author alleged that the pair might not be on good terms. “I know J.Lo. I’ve met J.Lo. I don’t think J.Lo is a big fan of mine, but many people aren’t fans of mine,” the entertainer confessed.

“I’m still going to be honest about what I think of their skincare,” the mother-of-one added before testing the under-eye cream. Claiming to be an “expert” on this type of product, the brunette advised viewers to keep the merchandise’s seal as it kept the lotion fresh.

The “Bethenny Ever After” star also reviewed the Fresh Take Under Eye Cream positively. However, she noted that the $40.80 product was expensive. “She’s a rich bitch, and it’s a rich bitch under eye cream,” the 52-year-old observed before dissecting the growing number of celebrities in the beauty and skincare industry.

According to Frankel, the “burst” of celebrity  brands in the industry was “crazy” and “explosive.” The entertainer stated that eponymous lines did not “pop” like ventures with a different name.

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Citing some examples to prove her point, the New Yorker said: “Think about it, Hailey Bieber — Rhode, Selena Gomez — Rare, Rihanna — Fenty. But this is J.Lo; you can tell she’s dying to bust into this. She’s got the body glow stuff, and it’s just not popping the way other celebrity brands are.”

Giving credit to Lopez’s skincare packaging, the BStrong disaster relief founder noted it was “really pretty,” “beautiful,” “nice to go on the vanity,” and “glamorous.” Despite its outstanding qualities, the TV personality noted that many brands, like J.Lo Beauty and Rare Beauty, were “very understated” and “subtle.”

Comparing the packaging trend of other products, the former housewife quipped: “Sometimes it feels like these are all show and no go, where you spent the money on the packaging, but what’s in the actual product?”

Frankel concluded her review with a question for fans, asking if celebrities should be allowed in the beauty industry versus makeup artists and estheticians. “They are movie actors; they are singers, so are they experts in the skincare space. It’s just a conversation.”

The ‘Bethenny & Fredrik’ Star Gave Her Two Cents On Ben Affleck’s Marriage To Jennifer Lopez

JLo Just Proved Everyone Needs THIS Dress in Their Closet!

This isn’t the first time the reality star has made headlines for her thoughts on the “Hustlers” actress. A year before Frankel reviewed Lopez’s skincare products, the New York University graduate weighed in on Ben Affleck’s marriage to the Grammy nominee. 

The TV personality expressed concern for the Hollywood heartthrob during an episode of her podcast, “Just B with Bethenny Frankel.”

The 52-year-old claimed that the “Gone Girl” star’s previous struggles with alcohol addiction were challenging for the afflicted individual and those they dated. “I call it activation. Addicts have surrounded me for most of my life. Stress is not great for an addict,” the mother-of-one explained.

Frankel stated she was worried about Affleck, whom she described as a private person. According to the “Skinnydipping” author, the entertainer’s high-profile marriage to Lopez might cause him stress, given the media attention on their romance. 

“He’s running on Dunkin’ [Donuts], and he’ll smoke a cigarette, and he’s living his Boston life,” the reality TV star continued. “So now he’s with this mega-famous person, and it’s a lot.”



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