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‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Turns Taylor into Scoundrel Much to Disdain of Fans

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers seem to indicate Taylor Hayes is soon pulled out of the good graces of some of those around her next week on the CBS soap. It sure sounds like the down-to-Earth and loveable doctor has a hidden agenda as well as a score to settle from the latest B&B spoilers.

But the murmuring of the fans is already heard across the social media platforms. Plus, they’re likely to get louder as the soap plays out what sounds like a new storyline for B&B’s favorite shrink.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Darker Days Unroll for Taylor Hayes

B&B spoilers for next week are littered with hints about the soap opera taking Taylor Hayes (Krita Allen) in a new but awful direction. This week it looks like her close friendship with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) starts to crumble.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen)
B&B: Taylor Hayes | CBS

It’s likely the two best friends sparring over Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) this week open the starting gates for next week on Bold and the Beautiful. Brooke’s insistence on seeing things one way is bound to set off yet another campaign against Thomas.

This week on B&B, Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) told her mother that she has feelings for Thomas. The irate daughter blurted this out to her mom after she bombarded Hope with accusations about Thomas.

B&B Spoilers: The Tainting of Taylor

This meddling mother is convinced that the Forrester son is making a play for her daughter. Well, Thomas missed the part where Hope tells her mother that she has feelings for her lead designer.

So, this week on Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas didn’t hear the complete conversation between this mother and daughter. He only overheard the part where Hope bashed him to her mother. She said Thomas is a manipulator among other rather cruel things that she blurted out to get her mother to back off. But it hurt him, he looked as if he was about to cry.

Thomas spoke with his mom about this, thinking that her bestie already filled her in. But she didn’t despite Taylor just leaving the Logan matriarch. Brooke wouldn’t offer up a clue when Taylor Hayes asked her why she seemed so upset. But the good doc got it out of her and these best friends shared the first bout of anger between them since becoming friends.

No one was sure in what direction Bold and the Beautiful would take these friends. So, it looks like they likely head for an implosion. But what’s worse for the fans of Taylor Hayes, is that the soap sounds as if it’s about to tarnish Taylor Hayes. Or at least try to in the eyes of the fans.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Pulling the Plug on the Good Doctor?

Next week on B&B it looks like the soap is on a fast track to knock Taylor Hayes down a few notches. The sides are forming in the Brooke vs. Thomas war. Of course Taylor sides with her son, who did nothing to warrant the accusations coming from Brooke.

At the beginning of the week, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest there’s a strain between Taylor and her bestie. But as the week goes on things get heated.

Taylor Hayes will attempt to remain upbeat when seeing Brooke. But it looks like she’s cordial at best while her good buddy continues to hold Thomas responsible for her daughter’s mixed-up feelings. She believes Taylor’s son was so relentless in going after Hope. Now the outcome results in her finally g9v9ng that she finally gave in.

Next, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that the Logan matriarch demands that Taylor back off. It looks like Taylor is just as invested in protecting her son as her bestie is her daughter. So, it looks like a crack forms between the friendship that many fans enjoyed watching.

B&B Spoilers: Deacon Suspects Taylor Has Hidden Agenda

If having Taylor spurt out a few less-than-stellar words to her best pal isn’t enough, Bold and the Beautiful paints her even darker. Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) becomes suspicious as Taylor Hayes continues her campaign to get him together with Brooke.

B&B fans also worry that the soap has this doc pushing Deacon toward her best friend for an ulterior motive. Deacon wonders if this is more about freeing Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) so she can move in on him.

Next week on Bold and the Beautiful, it sounds like Deacon puts that theory to the test. It’s more than likely Brooke won’t take Deacon up on his offer. Then this could humiliate him, so it could also taint the fans against Taylor if she does this to pave a path to Ridge.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Is the Soap Ruining a Good Thing?

The B&B spoilers also say that Taylor breaks her word. This has the pact come into mind. But it could be their promise about not letting the kids come between them that she breaks.

As next week rolls down, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Brooke sees her best friend’s true colors. This could mean a variety of things, including she could see her bestie going after Ridge.

But, the cliffhanger for next Friday has Brooke shocked by what she sees. So, she could get a glimpse of Hope in action with Thomas or possibly her bestie making a play for Ridge.

Whatever this soap has in mind for Taylor Hayes, it doesn’t sound good. So, it looks like the beginning of making this good doc suddenly surfacing as a woman who put on a disguise all along.

Many B&B fans like the new Taylor Hayes, as well as her bestie storyline. So, if they taint the doc, then this could be a problem for those viewers who are pro-Taylor on the CBS soap.

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