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Britney Spears Reminisces On Mariah Carey’s ‘Dreamlover’

Though at the beginning of the year Britney Spears deactivated her Instagram and subsequently had cops come to her house, she’s back on the app with entertaining posts. In a new one, she wrote about how Mariah Carey’s “Dreamlover” played a crucial role in her wholesome childhood.

Yesterday (March 17), she posted a photo of herself as a kid and reminisced in the caption about what it was like being 13 and making videos to Carey’s iconic song. Read the singer’s full caption below.

“I never even knew I took this pic !!! I was 13 years old … the same year I used to make music videos with my friends at their house !!! We never had a real guy to play our love interest so we used our imaginations!!! We would cut out a picture of our favorite guy from a magazine and hold the 200 dollar video camera over his face so the video would have a love interest !!!! My first pretend video was “Dreamlover” by Mariah Carey outside with my mom’s heels on while walking through a garden with an umbrella !!! Antonio Banderas was always my love interest and the video was the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!!”



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