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Candace Owens Slams SKIMS Ad With Wheelchair Model

Candace Owens is taking her jabs against Kim Kardashian a little too far!

The conservative political commentator needs little introduction as she is known for being shrouded in controversies. From her pro-Trump activism to her criticisms against movements like Black Lives Matter, the 33-year-old frequently earns backlash for her unconventional opinions.

Apart from sticking her nose in politics, the Stamford native often goes after celebrities whenever their actions do not meet her standards. Her latest target is the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star, who she recently slammed for using a disabled person in her ad.

Candace Owens Slams SKIMS’s Inclusivity Advertisement With A Wheelchair Model

Candace Owens speaks at the Young Black Leadership Summit 2019 at the White House in Washington, D.C

In a recent episode of the “Blackout” author’s eponymous podcast, the mother-of-two attacked the shapewear brand SKIMS. A snippet from the show was shared on Twitter, showing the Blexit Foundation creator going on a “bizarre rant.”

After discovering the clothing company’s adaptive collection ad featuring a disabled model rocking a nude bralette and matching underwear while seated in a wheelchair, the political commentator lost it.

This campaign marked SKIMS’s inclusivity for everyone in the fashion business. However, Owens strongly disliked the idea. “I don’t really understand how far we’re going to take this inclusivity thing. I really don’t get it, and I don’t know if I’m wrong again; educate me,” the activist began her speech.

The 33-year-old noted that she wished to be educated in the comments if people in wheelchairs thought, “‘You know what really upsets me? I’ve never really seen a bra and underwear advertise with a girl in a wheelchair.’”

“Why did they do this? I don’t know, and I don’t know why this needed to be done, but I’m just getting tired of this all-inclusivity thing; it seems ridiculous,” the Stamford native claimed before switching to a mocking voice.

The mother-of-two wondered if this inclusivity campaign continued to grow, would people on crutches refuse to buy underwear because they did not feel included? “How come we don’t have a girl that’s broken her leg on crutches also in a bra and underwear? I don’t feel included,” Owens sarcastically said.

Dropping the insulting voice, the pro-Trump advocate declared she was not against people in wheelchairs since she assumed they bought underwear like everyone else. However, the conservative commentator believed that aspect of their lives did not need to be represented.

While it’s not unlikely for the political commentator to share odd opinions, Owens’s beef against SKIMS’ inclusivity ad could be because of her issues with Kardashian. It happened the media personality slammed the “KUWTK” star in 2022 for being a “prostitute” and described her mother as a “pimp.”

On her talk show, the host addressed the beauty mogul’s infamous sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J. In the 33-year-old’s words, “A mother sat down and decided to sell her daughter’s body for fame and money, and she was successful.”

The activist claimed the California native became a billionaire by selling sex, describing her career as “disgusting,” among other insults. Adding fuel to the fire, Owens was spotted with Kanye “Ye” West wearing “White Lives Matter” t-shirts during Paris Fashion Week, which reportedly angered Kardashian.

Wheelchair Model Claps Back At Candace Owens Following Her SKIMS Video

Following Owens’s rant, the disabled community and other fans showed zero tolerance for her criticisms of SKIMS’ inclusivity ad. The model in the picture, Haleigh Rosa, called out the entertainer in a powerful video on Instagram.

The disability advocate clapped back at the 33-year-old for making a “stupid” video about a sensitive subject. Unlike the political commentator, the model chose a polite way of dropping her bombshells.

“Hi, I’m the girl in those pictures, and Candace, I don’t know what your intentions were when you decided to make that stupid video, but you must be completely unaware of how resilient and amazing the disability community is,” the media personality began.

The FOR EVERYONE founder continued, “We’re not just in adaptive campaigns. Believe it or not, we’re everywhere. And I am so proud that I was in that SKIMS campaign posing in a wheelchair, a bra, and underwear because that means I have come so far in eight years, so if you don’t like it, use your legs and walk.”

In the comments, fans praised Rosa for her bravery while slamming Owens for being a hater. Fans echoed similar sentiments on Twitter with the actress Nancy Lee Grahn writing, “Whenever you doubt your self-worth, just watch this video and be glad you’re not Candace Owens.”

Artist Lisa May noted that she did not understand the Stamford native’s perspective as the ad was good, while author Art Tavana penned, “She’s just monetizing ignorance. Don’t boost her signal. Ignore her. Nobody will care if nobody cares.”



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