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Charity Lawson Opens Up About Being ‘The Bachelorette’

Zach Shallcross sent Charity Lawson home after hometowns on Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor”.

The following night, on the “Women Tell All” episode, which aired on Tuesday, “Bachelor” host Jesse Palmer sat down with Charity Lawson to do a little “This or That”. Palmer started off by asking easy questions such as “Sunrise or sunset?” and “Camping or glamping?” But that is when Palmer got down to business, asking Lawson “Bachelor in Paradise or The Bachelorette?” to which Lawson hesitated slightly before answering “The Bachelorette”.

“I’m glad you said that, because Charity, I want you to be our next Bachelorette,” Palmer said, dropping the bomb and completely shocking Lawson.

Lawson accepted and will begin her journey as the “Bachelorette” within the next few weeks.

Charity Lawson Is ‘Honored’ To Be The Next ‘Bachelorette’

Charity Lawson Opens Up About Being 'The Bachelorette': 'I'm So Honored'
Instagram | Charity Lawson

The next “Bachelorette” lead sat down with Sam Champion on “Good Morning America” this morning to talk about her upcoming journey.

“It is an indescribable feeling,” Lawson told Champion. “I am so honored, so excited. I still feel like I’m dreaming, so still processing what those feelings are like, but I am definitely so excited for what’s to come.”

When speaking on her upcoming journey of being “The Bachelorette”, Lawson acknowledged the challenges she will face, explaining, “I think it’s going to be challenging, but I think for me, I am very open with my motions and I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I feel like if anything it’s going to be easier, but it does come with its challenges and I dot know what that will be like, but I plan on staying just as open.”

So what is Lawson looking for in a partner? “I feel like for me, I definitely am looking for someone who is a compassionate person, so someone who is extremely kind and treats others well. For me, that’s something I value and I have in myself, so I also want that in my partner,” she said on “Good Morning America”.

Lawson then went on to add, “I also love to laugh and have a good time so a sense of humor, I think that’s huge. Anyone who can come out with a. good joke or two is a winner.”

Although Lawson does not have a huge say in where they will travel to on her journey, she did say she would love to visit Greece, however, she made it clear she is not getting in a cage and swimming with sharks at any point in time.

Charity Lawson Is ‘Overwhelmed’ By ‘Love and Support’

Charity Lawson Opens Up About Being 'The Bachelorette': 'I'm So Honored'
Instagram | Charity Lawson

Lawson also took to Instagram shortly after she was announced as the next “Bachelorette”, thanking her fans and Bachelor Nation for their never-ending support.

“WOW. I am overwhelmed by all the love and support you all have shown me in the past few hours!!,” she wrote. “I’m still processing that I’m your newest BACHELORETTE!!! To have this opportunity to find love again is something I am so grateful for, and don’t take lightly. As much as this is my journey, I am acknowledging that this is far bigger than myself.”

She concluded with, “I cannot wait to continue to share my story with you all! ❤️🌹.”



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