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Charlize Theron’s Dedication In Fast X ‘Terrified’ The Film’s Director

Sometimes, as a director, you have to trust that when you’re working with one of the best action stars in the world, and they probably know their own limits at this point. Leterrier had never seen Theron up close and personal when he first stepped on set, just as Theron was filming a brutal group fight scene with the second unit director. The filmmaker admitted he was worried, telling The Hollywood Reporter

“When I arrived on set, Charlize was shooting Cipher’s fight against her own men, and I was terrified. I was like, ‘I’ve done a few action movies, but I’ve never seen an actor give themselves fully to a scene like that.’ Oh my God, I literally had to talk to the second unit director and ask, ‘Are we doing too much? Are we pushing her?’ And he said, ‘No, it’s her.'”

With the fight scenes she’s a part of in “Fast X,” Theron looks absolutely thrilled to be let out of the box, allowed to run wild inside the overblown, high stakes action we’ve all come to expect out of this admittedly ridiculous franchise. If the long-rumored Cipher spinoff movie ever winds up happening, hopefully Theron will get the chance to take things to an entirely different level. Leterrier did say that Theron didn’t get to do absolutely everything she wanted to do in “Fast X,” leaving the door open for her to hopefully be fully unleashed in a future film. “She really wanted to do as much as possible, if not more,” he said. “So we had to hold her back because she would have done everything if it were up to her.”

“Fast X” is now playing in theaters worldwide. 



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