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Chrishell Stause Breaks Silence On Nicole Young’s Death Threats

Chrishell Stause has spoken out after learning that her “Selling Sunset” co-star Nicole Young has received death threats.

The “A Rose for Her Grave” actress took to social media to post a message addressing the alleged threats that Young has gotten due to their ongoing and public feud. The beef between the women was documented throughout the show’s sixth season, which went live on Netflix last Friday.

In case you missed it, the drama began after Nicole — a new addition to the reality series but a longtime agent at The Oppenheim Group — accused their boss, Jason Oppenheim, of playing favorites and claimed Chrishell took recognition for two of her listings nearly three years ago.

[Spoilers Alert!!!]

Chrishell Stause Asked ‘Selling Sunset’ Viewers To Keep Things ‘Fun’ Amid Her Feud With Nicole Young

Chrishell Stause Breaks Silence On Nicole Young's Death Threats, Fuels Feud With More Receipts
Instagram | Chrishell Stause

Chrishell had to publicly defend herself after sources claimed that Young had received death threats and drug abuse allegations. While the latter stemmed from a scene where Chrishell accused her co-star of being “cracked out” and being on drugs, the 41-year-old focused only on the supposed death threats through a lengthy statement posted to her Instagram Story. She wrote:

“It’s been brought to my attention that Young’s camp is reporting receiving death threats to several outlets. Being on a reality show on such a huge platform makes for an influx of feedback and I am certainly not a stranger to death threats after 6 seasons.”

The recently married reality star explained that although the show was built on viewers’ opinions, she had her own too, and fans had to “keep it fun.” Before dropping the insight, Chrishell had shared proof that she and Young had previously been on good terms through an Instagram post featuring screenshots of a chat between them.

Captioned, “This post goes out to those who love facts 🧐,” the text exchange happened shortly after the Minneapolis native learned she would join the “Selling Sunset” cast.

Chrishell Stause Breaks Silence On Nicole Young's Death Threats, Fuels Feud With More Receipts
Instagram | Chrishell Stause

Young had started by expressing shock at receiving a contract, “Mainly because this news came out of the clear f**king blue.” She then asked Chrishell if they could go out “to lunch or happy hour sometime this week” so she could pick the “All My Children” star’s brain about “the logistics of the show” and get advice “on many things show/production related.”

Chrishell quickly agreed with the idea and even suggested they could make it a girls’ lunch with the other ‘O Girls’ in attendance — which Young was “So down!!!” with. Despite fans calling the evidence “top-notch content” in the comments, a May 25 report from PEOPLE hinted at the likelihood of the DMs not telling the whole story.

According to the outlet, an insider highlighted some new details when they stated that the “girls have been feuding for years about the listing that Chrishell took credit for.” The source also explained that the messages from Young were an extension of “an olive branch after a long time of arguing and disagreements” before they disclosed:

“[Chrishell ] never texted her back or spoke to her after those text exchanges. And certainly never gave her any advice.”

Chrishell Stause Breaks Silence On Nicole Young's Death Threats, Fuels Feud With More Receipts
Instagram | Chrishell Stause

“Nicole saw Chrishell and the girls out for lunch a few weeks later, to which she was not invited,” they asserted further.

The ‘All My Children’ Actress Tackled The Insider’s Accusations With THESE Receipts

Barely 24 hours after the news bulletin went live, Chrishell hit back with a video posted to her Instagram Story, where she said she would be correcting any false narratives about herself going forward, especially since she had the receipts for that.

“The stories are coming out now from Young’s camp that ‘the DMs don’t tell the full story [because] we’ve been feuding for a very long time and this was Young extending an olive branch. Here are some receipts,” she declared, and boy, did she drop them.

As it turned out, the “Days of Our Lives” star’s receipts were emails from early last year where she was introducing Young to a client. In the email, Chrishell praised the marketing and public relations graduate for being an “incredible agent” who was “amazingly hard-working” and an all-around “lovely person.”

Chrishell Stause Breaks Silence On Nicole Young's Death Threats, Fuels Feud With More Receipts
Instagram | Chrishell Stause

The “Hot and Bothered” actress further informed the client that she had talked to her colleague about their needs and a text overlay reading, “RIP to my work email. I will change it tomorrow. I need you to see I wrote this in Jan 2022. DM’s posted were in June 2022.”

Chrishell followed up with another clip, saying that even though she was tired of the back and forth, she had to address the claim that she and Young never texted again. For this, she uploaded a screenshot collage of two interactions, showcasing Young reacting to her Insta Stories multiple times and even wishing her a happy birthday, alongside the instruction, “Stop lying.”

She wrapped up the updates with a third clip, touching on the allegations that Young had run into her and the other Oppenheim agents during a lunch she was not invited to. In her words:

“That didn’t happen. We never ran into Nicole [and] that can be corroborated by anyone else. We’ve never run into her for any lunch she wasn’t invited to. But at the end of the day, I’m allowed to have lunch with [the] other girls.”

Chrishell then alleged that the Baylor University alum was “obviously trying to make a narrative that she was targeted or she’s a victim in some way.” She then concluded by saying:

“Yes, I go to lunch with my girlfriends. But, no, I didn’t purposely go to lunch with them and not invite you. This is so ridiculous, and we never ran into you, and it was awkward because you weren’t invited, like this whole story you’re trying to do.”

Meanwhile, Young mentioned the “online hate” she has received since the drama began under an Instagram post dated May 21. She had written, via E! Online:

“The vicious hatred I’ve received from strangers stings a lot less when surrounded by the ARMY of loyal friends and family who love and support me, lift me up and most importantly, know who I really am.”

Best believe we will be keeping you updated as more details unfold.



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