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Chrissy Teigen Shows Appreciation For Daughter Luna

Chrissy Teigen couldn’t be more proud of her daughter, Luna, who has grown into her significant sister role.

In January, the media personality and musical icon John Legend welcomed their third child, a daughter named Esti Maxine. Sure enough, their older children, Luna and Miles, took to the newborn immediately and showered her with immense love. 

Luna, the eldest of the three famous children, recently put on her big sister’s panties, and her mother was pleased to see her baby girl being the ultimate big sister. Accordingly, the proud mama took to her social media page to gush about the new reality with her 41.1M followers. 

Chrissy Teigen Shows Appreciation For Her Daughter Luna

To bring attention to her toddler’s caring and nurturing nature, the model shared pictures of the young one with a caption that read, “told Luna to take care of the house while I was gone, and she really did 😩.”

Luna Legend being the ultimate big sister

In the first slide, fans could see the six-year-old carrying her younger sibling, Esti, in her arms, placing the infant over her shoulders. She donned a long pink floral dress with a ruffle-like design at the edge of the gown and on the hands. 

The newborn was awake and appeared to be comfortable in her sister’s arms. She was dressed in a brown onesie. 

Luna and her brother Miles hung out in the next two photos. The duo was seen with their respective umbrellas and fancy rain boots in the first, while the second showed them on a kitchen counter.

The four-year-old donned a green long-sleeve sweater with denim. The siblings looked like they were making a cake batter as a giant bowl filled with a brown mixture was placed between them.

In the last snapshot, the beautiful Luna gave a cheesy smile as she held out a tray of brown cake with green toppings.

Teigen’s followers flooded the post with likes and flattering comments. One fan wrote, “Oldest daughters make this world go round.” Another fan commented, “Love this!!! She is learning from the best that is clear. So happy for you all ❤️.” A third fan stated, “Awwwwwwww Sweet Luna! She is growing so fast. Taking good care of her sister ❤️.” 

Luna Legend being the ultimate big sister

Complimenting the children, a particular user wrote, “Luna and Miles have grown up in front of our eyes. They are beautiful. Their little sister is beautiful as well.” “Giving the ultimate oldest daughter vibes. It’s a good club to belong to,” a fifth follower penned.

Before this update, the mother of three opened up about her son’s mind-blowing accomplishment. The Blast reported on how the 37-year-old shared a video of Miles excellently reading a book titled, “Are You My Mother.”

The caption partly read, “We read to Miles every night, and he has never read more than a dinosaur name and a word here and there but randomly decided to read us an entire book yesterday??”

The “Cravings: Recipes for All of the Food You Want to Eat” author went on to note how shocked she was to witness his reading talents. She penned, “He’s just been keeping this hidden!? We are amazed. lol What a wonderful first book 😭.”

Fans of the Hollywood couple congratulated Miles and showered him with love in the comments section, writing, “How very special and precious! And I could listen to John’s laugh all day – so endearing and full of love and joy for his family. You guys have a beautiful family. ❤️.”

Another fan stated, “A family favorite of ours for two generations! Well done, Miles!!”

Luna Legend being the ultimate big sister

Chrissy Teigen Speaks On Her New Found Confidence Since Becoming A Mom-Of-Three

Since welcoming her latest bundle of joy earlier this year, life has been different for the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. In a recent interview, the cookbook author spoke about her newfound confidence since welcoming her third baby, Esti Maxine.

Speaking of going from two kids to three, Teigen voiced, “It’s easy confidence-wise, and honestly, a lot of the time, confidence is everything with it.” She continued, “You’re just not so on edge and worried and you’re also not worried about what other people have to say as much.”

“You don’t take parenting advice from everybody like before. I do not accept being shamed about anything,” Teigen adds.

Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Son Miles Achieving Mind Blowing Milestone
Instagram | Chrissy Teigen

“A lot of people think that they’re experts on everything, but when you have three of something like that, you know [what you’re doing],” She added, “I mean, we’ve seen everything happen. We’ve dealt with the stitches. We’ve had a toe almost come off. We’ve had broken bones. We’ve seen it all. It’s fine.”



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