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Christina Applegate Slams Candace Owens Over SKIMS Beef

Christina Applegate is schooling Candace Owens on inclusivity for disabled people!

The award-winning actress is known for playing comedic and sweet characters like the title role in “Jesse.” But off the screen, the blonde beauty is not afraid to bite, especially regarding injustice.

After the conservative commentator attacked Kim Kardashian‘s brand’s adaptive collection advertisement over their use of a wheelchair model, the Hollywood veteran clapped back at Owens for her horrible comments. Here is what the entertainer had to say!

Christina Applegate Slams Candace Owens ‘Ridiculous’ Inclusive Take

Following her 2021 multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis, the “Dead to Me” star has actively raised awareness about the immune-mediated inflammatory disease. Despite being vocal about her struggles, it seemed not everyone understood the pain of living with disabilities.

Christina Applegate at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

People like Owens needed to be taught the value of staying quiet about subjects they did not understand, and the People’s Choice Award winner took it upon herself to educate the 33-year-old.

Taking to Twitter in the early hours of March 23, the California native responded to the political commentator’s “horrifying” comments about SKIMS’ inclusivity collection for disabled people. She began her clap-back with a message that read:

“Yes, late tweet. But woke to see the most horrifying thing. This Candace person making comments about companies who see we need help. It’s fucking gross. I thank skims and Tommy and Guide beauty, and @neowalksticks for seeing us. To you #youshouldknowbetter.”

The 51-year-old noted in a follow-up tweet that her “rage” stopped her from sleeping and used the opportunity to educate Owens. The blonde bombshell explained that Kardashian’s accessibility clothing was a blessing to her community given “how f**king hard” it was to get dressed as a disabled person.

Despite her anger, Applegate chose to be the bigger person and dropped a third message to the conservative. “I thought my last tweet was enough. But then my heart said something else,” the TV personality began.

“No rage. If Candace wants to get on the phone with me to be educated on being disabled. I will not come with anger. I will come with love because she needs to hear that. I pray for her tonight. Sincerely,” the mother-of-one penned.

In response to this message, the “Blackout” author claimed she would welcome a discussion with the “Vacation” star, describing herself as the actress’s fan. However, in a second tweet, Owens tried to justify her criticisms of Kardashian’s inclusivity ad.

The Stamford native explained, “I think Christina, that what you may have missed is that covering absurd DEI initiatives is a recurring beat on my show. We did not know that this particular ad featured a specific technology designed for people with disabilities, which was an honest mistake.”

She stated in a third message that she thought it was “another nonsensical ‘representation matters’ DEI initiative, adding, “We create a show 5 days a week. It is an impossibility that we would not at some point make an honest mistake. Ending her defense, Owens wrote, “If you felt personally targeted by this mistake, I apologize to you. We simply did not know (the ad did not state) that the underwear was created for disabled access.”

Despite her excuses, Applegate’s final tweet read, “Thank you @skims for showing how beautiful the disabled community is. And for your adaptive line for those of us with mobility issues. Not sure how you could not appreciate this and think it was an ‘honest mistake.’”

Candace Owens SKIMS Rant Might Be From Her Beef With Kim Kardashian

As reported earlier, Owens took a jab at Kardashian’s brand’s inclusivity ad during a recent episode of her “Blackout” podcast. A snippet from her podcast show, which went viral on Twitter, captured the 33-year-old stating that she did not understand the “inclusivity thing.”

The pro-Trump media personality declared that she did not understand why SKIMS needed to advertise underwear using a disabled person, saying “I don’t really understand how far we’re going to take this inclusivity thing. I really don’t get it, and I don’t know if I’m wrong again; educate me.”

The media personality went ahead to mock the idea, painting a scenario where people with crutches refused to buy underwear because there were no ads for their community. 

You know what really upsets me? I’ve never really seen a bra and underwear advertise with a girl in a wheelchair,” she lamented before sarcastically adding, “How come we don’t have a girl that’s broken her leg on crutches also in a bra and underwear? ‘I don’t feel included.’”

This was not the first time the pro-Trump advocate shared controversial opinions. However, her recent comments may stem from her issues with Kardashian. Last year, the mother-of-two criticized the beauty mogul for being an entertainer who profited from selling sex.

Owens described the KKW Beauty founder as a “prostitute” and slammed her mother for being a “pimp.” She also upset Kardashian by wearing “White Lives Matter” t-shirts with her ex-husband Kanye “Ye” West.



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