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Christine Brown Offers Shopping Advice, Wears VERY Revealing Top While Doing So

Christine Brown has something to say.

She also appears to have something to show.

The veteran Sister Wives star shared a video on her Instagram Story yesterday in which she talked in detail about shopping at a supermarket…

… but a handful of fans found themselves distracted by what David Wooley’s fiancee was wearing at the time.

Why, hello there, Christine Brown! The Sister Wives star is basically falling out of her top here. (Instagram)

In the video, the 52-year old is sitting in a parked car and wearing dark wash jeans, along with a boho-style white top.

The blouse’s sleeves are falling off the shoulder, as you can see above, with two thin straps keeping it in place.

There are two tasseled strings tied into a bow… and pretty floral embroidery running down the front.

Brown looks great! And she’s understandably proud of it.


“Car confessions!” Brown said to open this video.

“This is something that a mother needs to teach you and you always need to remember this. If you don’t remember anything I teach you, this is it.

“When fruit is on sale, that’s when it means it’s in season. The only time you should buy fruit is when it’s on sale.”

The mother of six concluded:

“There. There you go. That’s the only thing you need to remember ever.”


Christine, as cited previously, is engaged to David Woolley.

We just read about some alleged details about their upcoming wedding, too.

“I’ve heard around July,” a source just told The Sun of when Christine and David are planning to exchange vows, adding of the ceremony:

“It will be in the middle of summer and definitely before the kids go back to school.”

Christine Brown and David Woolley just seem to happy together. And we are SO happy for them! (Instagram)

Christine split from Kody Brown back in November 2021, a decision that TLC viewers saw play out on Sister Wives Season 17.

She didn’t go Instagram official with Woolley until Valentine’s Day 2023, but started to date him in December of last year.

“They’re looking at multiple venues – one is a popular ski resort,” the Sun source continued.

“They’d love to have a nice outdoor wedding with stunning mountain views in the background.”

Christine Brown and then-boyfriend David Woolley smile here for the camera while on vacation in Utah. (Instagram)

Yes, in case you were wondering, the nuptials will be filmed for a future episode of Sister Wives.

As for the wedding guest list, meanwhile?

“Kody will definitely not be invited, and she’s not good friends with the other wives, specifically Robyn and Meri,” The Sun also reported.

“The only one she still really talks to is Janelle. It’s up in the air whether Robyn and Meri will get invites.

“Their family is broken at this point – that’s very clear.”




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