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Christine Brown’s Boyfriend David Woolley’s Ex Wife Passes Away in Tragic Suicide

Christine Brown

Christine Brown’s Boyfriend David Woolley’s Ex Wife Passes Away in Tragic Suicide

Christine Brown’s new boyfriend, David Woolley, lost his first wife to suicide, according to a new report by the U.S. Sun. 

The Sister Wives star went public with her new beau on Valentine’s Day, and due to his expected presence on the upcoming season details are now emerging about the Utah construction executive’s previous marriage. 

Christine Brown

David’s late wife, Margaret Lucille Suliin Woolley, died by suicide, leaving her husband as a single father to eight children. The police report detailed a suicide note she left behind, which the outlet obtained through a freedom of information act request.

David Woolley

Margaret died on June 20, 2012, at the age of 43. 

The Lehi Utah City Police report stated that she was found unconscious and not breathing in a hotel room. Margaret checked herself into the hotel the previous day, and housekeepers later discovered the mom of eight after knocking on her door. They “immediately saw the female…was not breathing.” Police later determined that she had consumed beer and reported finding bottles of pills. Her death was listed as a suicide by overdose. 

Christine Brown

The day before Margaret took her own life, Unified Police Department was notified that they had a “suicidal female” in their jurisdiction. The report stated that she left her Herriman home at 8 am and “sent her best friend, who lives in California, suicidal text messages, and then stopped talking to her” around 2 pm. 

Christine Brown

David also received a text message from Margaret, according to the report. David tried to locate her and “had been trying to call her cell phone all night” with no luck. Officers were also conducting a search and her name and vehicle information were entered into the National Crime Information Center as missing. 

The circumstances that led to Margaret’s decision to end her life remain unclear, but she left her final thoughts in a note to her husband and children. 

The police report revealed that Margaret alleged that no one had come to her aid after she exhibited signs of abuse. 

She wrote — “I was just a misunderstood-misguided lost soul who wasn’t strong enough to stand alone against all the evil souls who broke me.”

Christine Brown

Margaret apologized to her children but ripped into David midway through her farewell note. 

“You took everything and anything good in me and broke it with your controlling manipulative ways,” she wrote.”Please be a better father than you could ever be as a husband.”

David reportedly refused to read the letter, after it was offered by police. A source close to Christine’s new man told the outlet that he’s “not ashamed by anything.”

Christine Brown

David believes that “it’s a note and that’s all it is,” according to the insider.

The family was reportedly aware that Margaret was struggling with depression at the time of her death.   

The source added —  “When people are depressed, they can say a lot of things. And when someone’s on their deathbed dying, they’re going to say a lot of things.”

Sister Wives

A source close to the family shared that David’s children “are still missing their mother and saddened by her passing.”

Margaret’s sister, Debbie, told the outlet—”She loved her kids more than anything. 

“Really, the only thing I have to say is mental illness is a real problem in this country and that it’s super important that people get help,” Debbie added.”We all loved my sister and she loved her kids very much.”

Christine Brown

Christine and David’s romance is still going strong and the Utah business owner is expected to make appearances on Season 18 of Sister Wives.


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