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Coppin State Coach Juan Dixon Axed After Disastrous ‘RHOP’

Real Housewives of Potomac star Juan Dixon has been fired from his job as coach at Coppin State University after the assault scandal blows up.

Juan Dixon, Head Coach No More

Coppin State Coach Juan Dixon Axed After Disastrous 'RHOP' Season

The 44-year-old has allegedly been canned from his head coach job after being the head coach for six seasons. A reason was not given why Juan was fired but in the last several months a player on Juan’s team had come forward claiming to have been assaulted by another coach.

The former Coppin State guard Ibn Williams made the claims along with claims of blackmail by a former player who now works as a coach. Back in November 2022, Williams filed a 15-page lawsuit with the Baltimore courts that accused the coach, Lucian Brownlee of a host of accusations including Catfishing.

Ibn Williams Was Cat Fished By His Coach

Coppin State Coach Juan Dixon Axed After Disastrous 'RHOP' Season

Buckle up because the story is kind of wild. Williams claimed in the filed court documents that Brownlee catfished him online and he provided the coach with intimate photos and naughty messages. Brownlee then blackmailed him into recording an adult film and when he refused a sexual encounter, the coach made the footage public.

The lawsuit also claims that Brownlee tortured, harassed, and sexually assaulted Williams before making the tape public and embarrassing him further. Brownlee was a former guard on the college ball team before landing the job of Director of Player Development and Director of Basketball Operations.

The lawsuit claims that Juan was made aware of Brownlee’s indiscretions and never did anything about it.

Ibn Williams Attorney Released A Statement

Coppin State Coach Juan Dixon Axed After Disastrous 'RHOP' Season

Daniel “Donny” Epstein spoke up for his client and stated that the way Williams “was treated was abhorrent.” He went on to claim confidently, “Our strong belief is that Lucian [himself] was the catfisher.”

Epstein and his client are arguing that. “The coach should have known better than to put this person in a position of seniority,” essentially alleging that they didn’t do their due diligence like a criminal record check or something along those lines.

Epstein pointed to Coppin State University’s sexual misconduct policy that outright states that it “prohibits rape, sodomy, quid pro quo, stalking, sexual exploitation, coercion, and retaliation.” Instead of following their own policy, Epstein’s client claims he was bombarded with questions regarding his sexual orientation, and eventually his basketball player housing and tuition assistance.

Donny Epstein Is ‘Disgusted’

Coppin State Coach Juan Dixon Axed After Disastrous 'RHOP' Season

The lawyer didn’t hold back on his feelings. “It’s cringeworthy, the questions that he was asked,” the lawyer said in the statement. He is right to be worried after seeing how Juan showed up his wife Robyn Dixon on RHOP.

Not only did he supposedly cheat on Robyn, but he also denied it a lot. When she called to speak with him about it on camera he yelled and screamed at her for even bringing it up. Juan didn’t show up to the reunion and Robyn later confirmed that Juan did have something weird going on with another woman.

As for Williams, he finished his final semester remotely and then transferred to another school to finish his degree.



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