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‘Creed 3’ Global Box Office Passes $200 Million

The Michael B. Jordan epic looks slated to go all 12 rounds with his latest release.

Grab a ringside seat because Creed III is just getting started. The Michael B. Jordan-helmed boxing drama looks set to comfortably go all 12 rounds as it continues to rack up success both at home and overseas. Shortly after earning its place in history as the biggest sports movie opening ever in the United States, Creed III has officially grossed an impressive $200 million worldwide in its latest global box office success. The remarkable milestone comes after just three weeks in theaters having taken its first $100 million within a week of opening.

Creed III has done exceptionally to storm past expectations and the success of its predecessor films. This is particularly noteworthy as the movie is not only the third entry into the Rocky Balboa spin-off franchise but also the first not to feature Sylvester Stallone‘s hero character. Despite Stallone’s notable absence, the film has done well to prove it is worth its weight and has even been hailed for breathing new life into the half-a-century-old story.


Taking a new approach to the previous beat-down hero character arc that has been the beating heart of the Rocky franchise, Creed III leads with a now very successful Adonis Creed (Jordan) retiring after a champion run in boxing. However, everything is put on the line when his childhood friend Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors) is released from prison and threatens the rip his life from beneath him. Through its exploration of the pair’s dynamic, Creed III challenges the idea of good and bad and instead plays on the greys in life which is not something that has been heavily explored as part of the franchise previously.

Jonathan Majors as Damian Anderson and Michael B Jordan as Adonis Creed in Creed 3
Image via MGM

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What is Next For the ‘Creed’ Franchise?

The insatiable appetite for Creed III across the world has left ample room for more growth including a potential expansion of the Creed universe. As well as Jordan also previously expressed interest in pulling on the other various narratives featured in the film, the actor-director was reportedly said to have met with Amazon to discuss the scope of any potential spin-off projects, according to Deadline. The report suggested these new threads could be explored across both film and television with character-specific stories expected to be one avenue being discussed. Also said to be in the ring is a live-action series and an anime series too, which would be particularly apt given all the inspiration Jordan said he took from anime in the making of Creed III.

As for whether a fourth Creed film is also on the table is not yet known but one thing is evident, there is certainly a shared desire to see more of these stories both from a creator and audience perspective. In the meantime, you can catch Creed III in theaters now. You can watch our interview with Jordan below:



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