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Danielle Ruhl Is Getting Personal On Ex Nick Thompson’s Podcast

“Love Is Blind” alumna Danielle Ruhl will continue detailing her mental health experience while filming the hit Netflix reality TV series.


Ruhl, 29, has primarily dedicated her social media platform after appearing on the second season of “Love Is Blind” to promoting mental health awareness as a mental health advocate. In addition to dedicating several Instagram posts to the cause, she recently opened up about the alleged treatment the cast received by producers while filming the series in an article from Business Insider.

In addition to Ruhl, her now ex-husband, Nick Thompson, has also dedicated his post-show platform to mental health advocacy.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson
Danielle Ruhl – Instagram

He and Ruhl recently called out Nick Viall for his comments during an episode of “The Viall Files” where the former ‘Bachelor’ lead reportedly made light of Ruhl’s past mental health struggles.

Thompson is also the host of a podcast called “Eyes Wide Open.” Next week, the 37-year-old will feature an exceptional guest: Ruhl will appear on the May 30 episode to go deeper into her experience with filming “Love Is Blind” and share her story regarding how those in charge perceived her mental health.

Ruhl Goes In-Depth About How Her Mental Health Was Allegedly Used Against Her By A ProducerDanielle Ruhl 4

Ruhl and Thompson’s relationship wasn’t always as cordial as it appears today.

The pair’s divorce was announced in August of 2022; the former couple had allegedly been discussing starting a family before Ruhl filed for divorce.

Last fall, Thompson revealed in an interview he and Ruhl were not on speaking terms.

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson
Danielle Ruhl – Instagram

He told Us Weekly that Ruhl’s social media activity had been why the couple hadn’t been speaking. He attributed their split to compatibility issues, and no “catastrophic event” led the pair to decide to end their relationship.

A month later, Ruhl claimed Thompson had attempted to “silence” her.

Ruhl alleged Thompson had been attempting to “control the narrative” on their divorce. She also alleged that Thompson believed she had cost him a chance to appear on another reality show; she shared more details in a strongly worded Instagram post.

The Former Couple Has Moved Past Any Lingering Issues, As Ruhl Appears On Thompson’s Podcast

Months after Ruhl wrote the strongly worded Instagram post where she also alleged Thompson was “proactively going to outlets and making false statements” (per The Blast), the duo has put their differences aside and will be having a candid conversation on “Eyes Wide Open.”

Ruhl took to Instagram on Thursday to share a video containing a snippet of their conversation and shared details about the episode.


She began the post, “Nick and I got together to discuss our experience pre-show, during the show, and post-show. It is an emotional conversation we are excited to share with you. Part 1 comes out May 30.”

Ruhl also revealed her producer would allegedly use traumatic experiences of hers in an attempt to produce a reaction out of Ruhl; these past traumas had reportedly been shared in conversation while filming and were not intended to be used maliciously.

“While filming a reality show, it’s not surprising that hundreds of people are listening to every word you say. However, how these conversations are used against you while filming can be very damaging. In my experience, my producer would bring up past traumas to get a reaction and the storyline they wanted,” Ruhl explained.

She continued, “Just because you have had past traumatic experiences does not mean you will never find love, trust a man, or deserve love. Having baggage doesn’t make you unlovable. Having anxiety shouldn’t make you feel as if no one would be able to ‘handle you.”


Ruhl confessed that the producer’s alleged actions had made her feel worse than ever.

“Unfortunately, during filming, I started to believe what they said was true. That I was underserving of love based on events out of my control. Talking about my past traumas put me at an all-time low.”

Ruhl concluded her post on a high note, reassuring her fans they are not alone if they have ever felt similar feelings.

“Luckily, I could attend outpatient trauma therapy after filming and learned my past does not define me. It is hard to retrain your thoughts, but if anyone relates, please know that these things don’t define you either.”

Thompson commented on his ex’s post: “Such a powerful message in the caption. And ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to you for normalizing these feelings.”

Ruhl recently called her behavior after the pair’s divorce “immature” in a recent podcast interview and also revealed she offered Thompson “a sincere apology.” (via People)




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