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‘Days of our Lives’ Daily Spoilers March 20 – March 24: Steve Burton Scenes as Harris Michaels

Days of our Lives spoilers for March 20 – 24, 2023 confirm that Steve Burton makes his debut on the mothership Peacock soap next week as Harris Michaels. He was last in that role decades ago and appeared in Beyond Salem 2. Watch for him next week.

The following is a transcript from our podcast where we do a deep dive into next week’s daily Days of our Lives spoilers.

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Days of our Lives Next Week Daily Spoilers – Monday, March 24, 2023: Steve Burton as Harris Michaels

This is Soap Dirt with your Days daily spoilers update for next week, March 20-24. 2023. This is must-see tv. There is so much going on. We see Hope Brady and we see Steve Burton back as Harris Michaels.

There’s a ton happening. So, let’s dig in, starting with Monday, March 20, 2023. It’s Season 58, Episode 131 of Days of our Lives. On Monday, we’re going to see Marlena Evans and Kayla Brady cornering Dr. Wilhelm Rolf.

They grill him for information. This week’s cliffhanger has them open the door and they’re going to see a face. Everybody thinks it’s going to be Bo. But no, he is talking to Kate Roberts. So, it’s Dr. Rolf that Kayla and Marlena run into.

And they have a lot of questions for him, like why is he in that creepy lab and what is he doing? Well, clearly, he’s working for Megan Hathaway. Also, on Monday, Megan gives the order to kill Kate Roberts.

She’s very annoyed with her ex-stepmother and wants her dead. Specifically, she was going to have Rolf test the new serum on her. But if Kate has pushed her too far on Days of our Lives, she may just want to see her pushing up daisies.

And of course, poor Roman Brady is still talking to an urn full of, what was it, goat ashes. It’s pretty funny. Also, on Monday, Marlena’s desperate to reach John Black. Meanwhile, we know John is with Patch and they’re trying to find the ladies.

Plus, Hope Brady finds out something about Harris Michaels. So, we’re going to see Steve Burton back and he’s on the mothership this time as Harris Michaels. Remember, on Beyond Salem, he was the brainwashed ex-Marine Harris too.

DOOL Spoilers Tuesday, March 21, 2023: EJ DiMera & Nicole Walker’s Scheme

Then on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, we’re on Episode 132 of Days of our Lives. We find EJ DiMera and Nicole Walker manipulating Stefan DiMera. Just because Stefan and EJ had a little detente this week, and a brother bonding moment, does not mean they are on the same side.

They are clearly not because Stefan’s trying to put Gabi Hernandez on the throne. And EJ is trying to push Stefan out. So, there’s lots of family angst next week.

Also, on Tuesday, Li Shin ups his efforts to keep stepping away from Gabi. He’s got six months to win her, and he is not wasting a moment. And Sloan Petersen is really upset because Paul Narita and Chanel Dupree score a win.

If I had to guess, I would say that they might have their assets unfrozen. Remember on Days of our Lives, she’s been trying to squeeze them financially.

But it looks like they might get that money loosened up thanks to Belle Black. Also on Tuesday, Jada Hunter wants to know why her sister Talia Hunter has gone from being a doctor to a Baker’s assistant. That’s a good question, and I think we all want the answer to it.

Days of our Lives Spoilers Wednesday, March 22, 2023: Chloe Lane Trashes Rachel Black

Then it’s midweek on Days of our Lives. On Wednesday, March 22, 2023, we’re in Season 58 of the former NBC soap. In Episode 133, we see Brady Black at Statesville Prison. He needs something from Kristen DiMera and is willing to go to great lengths to make it happen.

Of course, Brady wants back in good with Chloe Lane and he’s having issues with his daughter Rachel accepting her. Maybe he’s going to dangle a carrot in front of Kristen to try and get her to soften up Rachel Black about the woman that he loves.

We’ll see, but it’s going to be probably a cold day in hell before he gets the best of Kristen. Also on Wednesday, Leo Stark, aka “Lady Whistleblower” overhears Chloe Lane saying some rude things about Rachel Black.

And knowing Leo, guess what’s going to happen? I would fully expect there’s going to be a Lady Whistleblower article about her trash-talking her possible future stepdaughter. And that’s probably not going to sit too well with Brady on Days of our Lives.

Also, Xander Kiriakis and Alex Kiriakis get into a physical fistfight. They’re brawling over Gwen Rizczech. I think we can all agree that Gwen is the luckiest lady in Salem.

She rolled out of bed with Xander and rolled into bed with Alex. So, she’s got a smorgasbord of hunks in front of her. And — even sexier — they’re fighting over her.

So, Sarah can, you know, be pregnant and go wherever. But Gwen is in the luckiest position. Also on Wednesday, Paulina Price gets a surprise that makes her unhappy.

We’d expect that Sloan is clapping back after losing out with them on the civil case on DOOL. So that should be interesting to watch later in the week.

Thursday, March 23 2023 Spoilers for DOOL: Bo Brady Frustrated

Next, it’s Thursday, March 23, 2023, Season 58, Episode 134 of Days of our Lives. We’re going to see Abe Carver dispensing some sage advice to Chad DiMera about how to move on.

Of course, Chad is falling for Stephanie Johnson and things are going really well for them. His kids are really excited about her. She seems into him. But he might be plagued with residual guilt even though it’s been a while since Abigail Deveraux died.

There’s survivor’s guilt and they’re moving kind of fast. They started dating, got into bed, and then bam, she’s around his kids and playing pseudo stepmother.

So, there’s a lot going on there. Hopefully, he’ll get some good advice from Abe also. On Days of our Lives, Megan Hathaway tells Dr. Rolf — get this done now.

She wants results. It’s probably about the serum he’s working on to permanently cure her. Also on Thursday, Bo Brady struggles to get back to the man he was.

Bo’s been frozen thanks to crazy Megan Hathaway who loves him. But he definitely doesn’t love her. Still, Bo’s not in his right mind. And he wants his freedom.

Now, he’s awake and he’s very frustrated. We’re also going to see Steve Burton scenes on Thursday as Harris Michaels undergoes a high-risk procedure.

Harris wants this done so he can help Hope. Remember Harris admitted on Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem 2, that he felt like he was not in control of himself.

And Harris Michaels figured out Megan did something to him. Harris was brainwashed to be this violent, mindless killer. And Harris doesn’t want to be that anymore.

Of course, people are skeptical. Ciara’s skeptical, but Harris Michaels is very committed to having this treatment. So, we’ll see if he’s a changed man after that.

Days of our Lives Spoilers Friday, March 24, 2023: Megan Confronted – Ciara & Ben’s Big News

Then the week ends on Friday, March 24, 2023, with Season 58, Episode 135. On Days of our Lives, we’ll see Steve and John finally get a bead on where Megan is hiding.

We saw the tense situation with John and Patch breaking through this door. The doorknob’s moving and you think they found Kayla and Marlena.

They’re in a different place. And the two ladies come face to face with Dr. Rolf. But on Friday, it looks like the guys really have a lead. Maybe Andrew Donovan helped out more than we realized.

Also, we see Ben Weston and Ciara Weston have news. What’s the big news? Is it a second baby or something with her mom?  Bo Brady may be thrilled when he gets back to see his daughter and finds out that he’s got a grandchild named for him.

Dr. Rolf wakes up Kayla so he can test his new serum. He was supposed to test it on Kate, but Megan decided she should be killed. It’s hard to imagine they’re going to “re-kill” her, though.

Also, Bo confronts Megan Hathaway and tells her, let me go. It’s doubtful that she will. There are familiar faces coming back to Days of our Lives the week of March 20-24. If you’re a Burton fan, watch to see more of Harris Michaels.

So, check out Harris next week and if you’re still not sure how to stream it, we’ve got detailed instructions on how to watch DOOL for free on Peacock. If you’re not tech-savvy, we’ve got screenshots to help.

Don’t miss an episode of our soap podcast and come back to SoapDirt.com for all your latest soap spoilers and everything new and ahead on Days of our Lives.



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