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Did Matt Roloff Just Shade the Stuffing Out of Amy? Harsh, Dude …

Decades of marriage and a legacy of children and grandchildren doesn’t always mean that people treasure each other.

A lot of divorces are bitter. And sometimes, continuing to work together and live nearby after a breakup only keeps those wounds from healing.

Little People, Big World fans have watched Matt Roloff troll his ex-wife more than once.

Now, followers accuse him of shading Amy again. This time, while paying tribute to Caryn.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler make a cute couple, don’t you think?

Caryn Chandler just turned 56 years old.

To honor her, Matt Roloff took to Instagram to post a majorly unflattering photo of her (probably unintentionally) and, more importantly, rave about her in his captions.

“Happy Birthday to the Sweetest, kindest, most beautiful soul I’ve ever met,” Matt proclaimed.

This is a pretty nice caption from Matt Roloff as he gave a birthday shoutout to his lady love.

“Happy Birthday,” he wrote, tagging Caryn Chandler by her Instagram handle in the process.

“And many, many more,” Matt concluded.

It was definitely a sweet message towards his partner. But does the superlative element of his post indicate that he’s throwing some shade at someone else?

Amy Roloff looks anything but pleased in this photo of her from the latest season of Little People, Big World.

A number of commenters asked more or less the same question: hey, what about Amy?

Matt and Amy’s marriage spanned nearly three decades. They had their beautiful children together. They spent so much of their lives as a couple.

Sure, they divorced in 2015 and have both very happily moved on. But doesn’t Matt’s praise seem to be throwing his ex-wife under the bus? (And, one could argue, literally everyone else he’s ever known or loved?)

Amy Roloff Explains Lack of Experience
Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff reasoned that she never had that much experience with kinks due to her limited dating pool.

If Caryn is the “kindest” and the “sweetest” and “most beautiful soul” that he’s ever met, what does that make Amy?

At best, in second place.

No one expects him to put her on a higher pedestal than his current pedestal. But to hear Matt use these particular descriptions of Caryn really rubbed some fans the wrong way.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff have their bags packed. They’re ready for a vacation.

But not everyone, as a series of followers made clear.

A number of them were quick to sing Caryn’s praises.

One commenter noted that Caryn “supports all” of his various projects and seems to “genuinely like” being around him. Those were meant to be in contrast to Amy, it seems.

Amy Roloff Wedding Gown Photo
We love it! And we also love Amy Roloff’s smile while she tries on this dress.

Meanwhile, other commenters chimed in to note that it’s not like Amy didn’t like Matt. She loved him. He was her husband for nearly 30 years.

But, as people pointed out, she was also “busy” raising their children.

And sometimes, over time, what starts off as a fun quirk — like Matt’s tendency to come up with projects and dive headfirst into them — can wear thin. Growing weary of this sort of thing can be sad, but it’s not an indictment of someone’s character. Amy had to deal with it; fans did not.



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