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Diplo’s Music Turns Up The Literal Heat During Fiery Set

Diplo’s music is so fire… ‘How fire is it?’ enough for a real fire to ignite in the middle of his set.

Diplo’s Roof Is On Fire

DJ Diplo from Major Lazer was performing at a minor parade in Sao Paulo when gunshots were fired and injured two people during Carnaval in Brazil

The music producer was performing a set this week and in the middle of yelling “the roof, the roof,” you know the rest, he cuts to a video of a part of the upstairs literally on fire. Diplo looked like he was having the time of his life performing at a beach bar.

“Just a normal Mexico pool party right? No,” writes.

“I made the mistake of playing this,” he writes while playing the famous song during his set. Then it cuts to a blazing fire at the bar and the caption on the screen reads, “10 minutes later this happened upstairs.”

An entire fire erupted in the Mexico bar. Diplo hopped in the comments and kind of explained what went down. “Everyone was okay, just a grease fire (but I think it was prolly the music I was playing),” he joked.

Yeah, we automatically thought it was the music too! One of the patrons at the show hopped in the comments to confirm what Diplo wrote. “It was Lit 😅,” joked.

Diplo Will Think Twice Next Time

Celebrities on red carpet of LuisaViaRoma Unicef Gala in Capri

The DJ also joked in the caption “never playing it again,” after realizing the spicy effect his set had on the venue. Ahead of the gig, Diplo was seen relaxing on a beach in Mexico catching some rays before the day party began.

He had a few female friends with him also soaking up the rays the musician has recently had some of his fans fearing that he would be slowing down on the tours and music making after news broke he sold his catalog.

Diplo’s Mad Decent catalog was bought by ICONOCLAST, the branding and tech firm that preserves the legacy of culturally relevant artists. So chances are we will be hearing more Diplo songs in films and TV series.

Major Hits Are Included In Mad Decent Catalog

2020 amfAR New York Gala

Baauer‘s ‘Harlem Shake’, Major Lazer‘s ‘Lean On’, Justin Bieber‘s ‘Cold Water’ are just a few of the extremely successful sons that are apart of this catalog. Plus, let’s not forget that he gets paid for that catalog.

Diplo negotiated himself a sweet, but an exact number has not been released. As for ICONOCLAST, they have obtained well over $300 million worth of music over the last few years.

The company is excited to add Diplo to its roster. Oliver Chase, the founder, and CEO of ICONOCLAST released a statement regarding their latest music deal.

“Our acquisition of the Mad Decent Publishing catalog illustrate our commitment to preserving and growing culturally significant art of any era including with artists that are shaping contemporary music.”

So, it looks like Diplo needs that beach time after being wrapped up in negotiations for however long it took to seal the deal. Judging by the amount of fun Diplo looked to be having before and after that grease fire, it may be safe to say that he isn’t slowing down anytime soon and he certainly dodged a huge mess with that fire.



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