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Endgame Final Battles Come To Life In LEGO Form

LEGO previously delivered a kid-friendly playset version of the final battle in “Avengers: Endgame,” including the crappy van housing the Quantum Realm device from the “Ant-Man” franchise. This latest Marvel LEGO set could easily act as a companion to that other playset, featuring Thanos standing among the ruins of the Avengers compound. But it’s not just the villain dominating the battlefield, because minifigures of Captain Marvel, Okoye, Wanda Maximoff, Shuri, Valkyrie, and a tiny version of The Wasp are also included.

The diorama itself features a variety of places to attach the minifigures to create a cool battle scene, which you can either consolidate into a nice display piece or spread out for a larger battle, making plenty of room to bring in other Avengers LEGO minifigures in an even bigger display. Plus, you’ll find a series of hidden compartments around this LEGO set where you can hide Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, and the Time Stone. However, there’s one extra hidden detail that truly makes this set worth building.

Yes, that’s the crushed remains of the aforementioned van that Ant-Man and The Wasp attempt to hot wire to start up the Quantum Realm machine. And who is that sitting on the controls of the dashboard? It’s the little rat who inadvertently starts up the machine, thus bringing back Scott Lang from the Quantum Realm and kickstarting the eventual time heist that would allow the Avengers to bring back everyone who Thanos dusted into oblivion. Like I said, it’s the most important character in the MCU.

You can pre-order the “Avengers: Endgame” Final Battle LEGO set for $99.99, and it will ship on August 1, 2023.



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