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Everything We Know About The Nick Offerman And Dennis Quaid Thriller

According to Deadline, Christian Swegal’s “Sovereign” will star Nick Offerman and Jacob Tremblay as characters based on the Kanes, while Dennis Quaid will play the chief of police thrust into a standoff with the heavily-armed pair. Briarcliff Entertainment will distribute the film in North America.

As for how Swegal will depict this spasm of violence, here’s what he told Deadline:

“When I first heard about this crime, I was immediately hooked. Radicalization is a familiar concept, but at a time when our democracy is strained to the breaking point, and conspiracy-driven domestic terrorism is emerging as a real threat, the topic is more relevant than ever.”

It is important on some level to humanize sovereign citizens so that we can understand what drives people to such extreme ideologies. To this end, the casting of Offerman, who’s played his share of gun-toting eccentrics, is absolute perfection. He could make a tasty meal of this material, and that makes “Sovereign” a must-see before Swegal’s shot a single scene.

The film will commence principal photography later this year, and will likely be ready for the fall film festivals in 2024.



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