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‘F-Boy Island’ Spin-Off Greenlit at The CW

It’s time to change things up on F-Boy Island, as the successful reality show is getting a spin-off, appropriately titled F-Girl Island. According to Deadline, the project will be developed at The CW and, while the deal hasn’t been finalized yet, the network is very optimistic regarding the production of the show. While F-Boy Island saw enough demand from its audience to bring it back for a second season, the series got caught in the middle of the consequences kick-started by David Zaslav becoming the head of Warner Bros. Discovery. After the reality show got canceled last year, it hadn’t found a new home, until now.


The concept of F-Boy Island saw three women going to the titular place accompanied by twenty-four men. During the competition, the women had to determine if the guys that traveled to the island with them can be categorized as either “nice guys”, or “f-boys”. At the end of the ten rounds, each woman had to choose the best suitable partner they met throughout the whole competition. Similar to other reality shows, such as Single’s Inferno, the concept doesn’t make a lot of sense of paper, but the pure entertainment value and drama involved in the competition make the series worthwhile.

F-Boy Island was canceled due to the cost-cutting strategy implemented across all of Warner Bros. when they merged with Discovery. The reality show wasn’t the only project affect, as the Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace had already been filmed when it was announced that the film wouldn’t be released on HBO Max. While a trailer hadn’t been shared through the studio’s social media channels, plenty of stills showing the actress in costume had been published already, creating anticipation among fans of the franchise. There are currently no plans to release the movie through any medium.

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The CW Is Looking for New Programming

Even though the network has been responsible for iconic television shows, such as Supernatural, The CW is currently looking for new programming to fill out their schedule. With most of the Arrowverse shows reaching their conclusion by the end of this year, it is time for new projects to redefine the brand. The twists, turns and laughs of F-Boy Island and F-Girl Island are guaranteed to offer people who tune in a very different kind of entertainment from the one they’ve been accustomed to, but it just might be the content they need.

You can check out the official trailer for F-Boy Island below:



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