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Fans Mock Kim Kardashian For Going To Bed With Makeup

Kim Kardashian is making fans’ tongues wag but not necessarily in a positive manner. The socialite is no stranger to having her lifestyle torn apart by critics, but she might have warranted it this time.

Most recently, the “KUWTK” alum became a source of amusement to social media users after giving them an insight into her sleeping routine and revealing an unusual habit that did not sit well with them.

Kim Kardashian Shares New Post Of Her Exhausted Self In Bed With Makeup

As someone with a busy schedule, Kim gets “really tired” and cannot help but show her fans what she does when such happens — she sleeps. She shared a carousel highlighting how she naps, with the first slide displaying her swaddled with a white duvet in bed while her face was perfectly glammed up.

Kim Kardashian seen sleeping with makeup

A similar snapshot could be seen in the following slide, but the reality star’s head was placed on a black pillow with her long ponytail pooling atop the pillow. Her side view was captured in the photo, emphasizing her arched eyebrows and painted lips, but in the final slide, she was filmed slumbering before waking up to stretch her arms.

The post, captioned with an indication of Kim’s weariness, garnered over a million likes, no surprise! However, the comments section, filled with more than 6k remarks, was not so appreciative as users ridiculed her for heading to bed with makeup.

“Well! You go to bed in full makeup????” one commenter asked rhetorically before a second person echoed the same question. A third fan was shocked to see Kim sleeping with makeup on when tired, while a fourth follower joked, “So you do sleep with makeup on, and it stays intact.”

“She’s sleeping with lipstick on,” one comment read, and another user wondered why the TV personality needed to take pictures if she was tired.

One more commenter wrote, “Who sleeps with makeup on,” whereas a fellow pointed out that Kim would be tired after “doing a full face of makeup” before laying down to take a picture. On the other hand, a few fans touched on her beauty in the post, including one who expressed, “How do you look good asleep.”

Kim Kardashian seen sleeping with makeup

A second commenter mentioned, “Kimberly, are you just trying to flex that you’re even beautiful in your sleep, ma’am??????”

The KKW Beauty founder has been on the receiving end of backlash in recent times, even from her own family. Such reaction from fans will certainly prompt them to remember when her daughter Chicago West unintentionally roasted her on Mother’s Day.   

The toddler presented the beauty mogul with a cute gift on a particular day, featuring a card calling out Kim’s cooking skills. The socialite shared the item on her Instagram Story alongside the presents she received from her other kids, North, Saint, and Psalm.

Unlike the younger children’s card that showed a handwritten “Happy Mother’s Day. I love you,” Chicago’s card was titled “All About My Mom” and included details about Kim’s reportedly absent cooking skills.

In the Q&A note, fans could see everything the 5-year-old knew about her mother, including her age, favorite food, and “the best thing she cooks.”

The youngster wrote Kim’s age as 22, which the media personality approved, exclaiming, “WOW! I feel seen!” Chicago also divulged that her mom liked to sleep with her while her favorite food was salad.

As for what the actress cooked best, the little one stated, “Mom doesn’t cook. She has a chef.” Kim found the statement funny as she penned “OMG” alongside a laughing emoji beside it.

The SKIMS Founder Spoke On Preparations For Her Part In ‘American Horror Story: Delicate’

Kim may not be great at cooking, but she is set to prove her excellence in acting as she prepares for her role in the upcoming film “American Horror Story: Delicate.” In an interview with Variety, the forthcoming lawyer revealed that she was taking acting lessons ahead of filming scheduled for the end of May.

The 12th season of the anthology series will feature her as a leading actor alongside Emma Roberts. According to the creator Ryan Murphy, Kim’s role was specially written for her.

When asked during the interview how she was prepping for her role, Kim said she was “of course” taking acting classes, and while the new gig was a challenge, she liked to test herself.



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