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Fans Rally Around Nudacris By Signing Petition To Keep His IG Account Active!

Justice for Nudacris!

That’s the theme on Lisa Holder’s TikTok page since the news broke that her Instagram account keeps getting banned for ridiculous reasons revolving around her trio of naked cats – Nudacris Skin, Khaleesi Nude and Boris Naked, and one furred cat, Kitty Koture.

A petition that was recently started to help Holder keep her account has many of her followers’ signatures and comments about why they want to help. Many have also taken to the comment sections of her TikTok videos to share their thoughts on this insane turn of events.

SIGN THE PETITION HERE: https://www.change.org/p/stop-banning-nudacris-the-naked-cat-s-instagram-account

Nudacris And His Followers Vs. Instagram! The Fight Is On!

Lisa Holder and Nudacris
Lisa Hampton Holder – TikTok

When Holder found that her Instagram was banned about six weeks ago, she appealed, thinking it was just a random mistake. Stranger things have happened. And then stranger things DID happen.

Two weeks after she was banned the first time, she suddenly found her page was banned once again. This time, she was told it was due to “sexual activity.” Confused, she appealed again. Since her Instagram page revolves around her four cats, that explanation made zero sense.

It was then that she began to believe maybe someone was reporting her for some reason. But the bans just kept on coming. Every few days, she would be banned, and after waiting the necessary 24 hours to appeal, she would appeal, get her page back with no explanation, and then a day or two later, the cycle would begin again.

“It’s been humorous. At first, I thought someone was reporting me,” she exclusively told The Blast. “The reason Instagram gives is for sexual images, sexual solicitation, and sexually explicit photos.”

And If You Think That’s Out Of Pocket, Wait Until You Hear This!

Lisa Hampton Holder – TikTok

At one point during this dreadful journey to Instagram freedom, Holder was told that it’s not necessarily due to her cats being naked, but rather their names.

“I reached out to somebody at Instagram through chat and he told me that the AI thinks my cats’ names are porn star names,” she said. “He told me to change my cats’ names. That’s not happening.”


And that’s NOT happening. Holder is standing strong that a social media platform will not be negotiating her presence on the platform by demanding she change her cats’ unique and loved names.

This strange turn of events confused many of Holder’s followers.

“Wtf?? But they let half naked women all over it? 🙄,” one follower wrote. Another added, “Don’t change their names! They are cute and funny.”

This Is Where Nudacris’ Fans Come In…

Nudacris the sphynx
Lisa Hampton Holder – TikTok

When fans of the naked guys’ social media pages caught wind of the insanity Holder has been dealing with, they’ve left their support in the comments of her videos. Holder’s community of Nudacris lovers are all banning together and trying to help any way they can.

This is where the petition on Change.org entered the insanity. In just a few short hours, nearly 200 signatures hit the page and some people even left comments.

“I love Nudacris & all his siblings. They brighten my day. Instagram needs to leave them alone & target the almost naked girls that get away with near pornography on the site,” Julie Tranham wrote.

Kristen Olson added, “It’s ridiculous that their account is banned. They are cats! Adorable cats and I love their content!”

Holder has shared videos every step of the way to keep her followers up to date on what’s going.

One follower hilariously wrote in the comments of the video, “So many more important things to worry about in the world, but IG is worried about a name of a cat😂 #freeNuda🥰.”

If you’d like to join the #FreeNuda movement and help Holder get Instagram’s attention to stop the ridiculous bans, you can sign the online petition. It only takes a minute to do, and hopefully with enough signatures, she can get back to a peaceful Instagram existence once again.

SIGN THE PETITION HERE: https://www.change.org/p/stop-banning-nudacris-the-naked-cat-s-instagram-account



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