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Fox News Confiscated All Of Tucker Carlson’s Equipment

For years, Tucker Carlson didn’t film his wackadoodle Fox News show from the network headquarters in midtown Manhattan. He did it from the comfort of his home in rural Maine. Of course, Tucker no longer works for Fox News, though he’s still under contract through January 2025. He wants to launch his own Twitter show anyway, which might require a big old fight with his old employers. It will also require him buying a bunch of new equipment.

As per The Daily Mail, Fox News sent workers to the barn where Carlson filmed episodes of Tucker Carlson Tonight and took back all their toys.

“Fox came in last week and got all their sh*t out of there,” said Carlson’s construction manager Patrick Feeney. “They took the set and everything, all the equipment, the chairs, the desk, the fake walls, everything.”

That means should Carlson want to make do on his vow to get back into filmed monologues, he’s going to have to start from scratch. Indeed, the workers even dismantled his barn set. Getting things back to normal will take at least a month. Said Feeney to The Daily Mail:

There’s no hardware in place at all. There’s not even an infrastructure for a TV studio for a long time…We just came to clean it up and get it looking like something again. There’s no imminent venture. We’re just getting ready in case something does happen. There’s nothing we’re doing other than cleaning the place up, shoring up the walls, making it look good again.

It’s typical for Fox News to take back equipment they lended to stars who record shows remotely. Still, Tucker better get that barn studio back up because, a source told the Mail, “several Fox employees have already quit” so that they can play Renee Zellweger’s Jerry Maguire character to Tucker’s Jerry Maguire.

In the meantime, look how great thing are going with rightwing figures over at Elon Musk’s Twitter.

(Via The Daily Mail)



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