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Georgia Man Tries To Rob SAME Bank He Robbed 10 Years Ago

William Jeffrey Lowder Jr., a man from central Georgia, recently pleaded guilty to trying to hold up the same bank he went to prison for robbing in 2013.

The Suspect Bailed After The Bank Teller Delivered Unexpected News

41NBC News reports the incident occurred earlier this year at Truist Bank in Bibb County, Ga.

On January 27, Lowder reportedly entered the Macon bank and handed the teller a note, which read, “Money out the register, no dye packs, Sorry!”

The teller let Lowder know they didn’t have a register. In turn, the 41-year-old decided to leave the establishment abruptly. We should note that it’s unclear if Lowder was armed during the attempted robbery.

In addition to bailing on the robbery plans, Lowder appears to have been somewhat remorseful, as—about an hour later—he called his probation officer and confessed to everything.

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An FBI Agent Says Lowder’s Last Sentence Was Clearly “Not Enough Of A Teaching Moment”

Shortly afterward, authorities took Lowder—who had recently finished serving time for his 2013 robbery—into custody.

According to WSB-TV, FBI special agent Keri Farley proclaimed that his earlier prison sentence “was apparently not enough of a teaching moment.” Oop!

She also emphasized, “He returned to his bank robbing ways while he was still on supervised release for the last bank robbery he committed.”

Now that he’s pleaded guilty, Lowder faces up to twenty years in federal prison, followed by three years of supervision. He’s also subject to receiving a $250,000 fine.

It’s noted that Lowder’s sentencing date will take place later. However, the specifics around this are currently unclear.

There are no further updates to the situation at this time.



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