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Guardians Of The Galaxy 3’s Miriam Shor Filmed A Musical Number As Recorder Vim

Shor says she hit it off with Santos right away, so much so that the pair ended up plotting a random musical sequence during downtime on set. “Being ridiculous humans, I was thinking how hilarious it would be if our characters did a musical number, and we just started writing lyrics,” she told the outlet. The song sounds fun, but it might not make it into the film’s official deleted scenes anytime soon since it was apparently recorded via unorthodox means. “Then we did it for James, and he got his phone out and filmed it, and we were cracking up because it’s so improbable,” she shared. Gunn is known for sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits from his films on social media, so maybe the untitled Vim and Theel musical will still find its way to the public someday.

Even if it doesn’t, it sounds like it was a really memorable on-set moment. “These two characters would be the last ones who would be in a musical — which is why it needs to happen,” Shor told Inverse. She and Santos also spoke to ComicBook.com about the number, which they explain actually took place on their very first day on set. “I just wrote some silly lyrics, and then I made Nico perform it with me, and then [James] filmed it with his iPhone,” Shor explained. “That was our first day on the job.” As for the content of the musical number itself? “I do remember I wanted it to be Broadway-esque, but also theme songy from an ’80s sitcom,” she revealed, while Santos joked that he donned a top hat and grabbed a cane for the number.



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