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Halle Bailey Warmly Embraces DDG Following Breakup Rumors

From the looks of a recent upload, it appears as though Halle Bailey is standing with DDG in the wake of breakup speculation!

A TikTok Shows The Couple Reuniting As Halle Wraps Press For The Little Mermaid

On Thursday, Halle hopped on TikTok and gave fans a brief update on her relationship.

In an upload captioned “On my last day of press like…,” Halle literally jumps for joy at the sight of DDG. The couple then proceeds to embrace to audio of Beyoncé singing, “I’m happy, I’m happy / to see / my husband.”

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Halle and DDG share a lil rapid-fire smooch before the video ends, letting viewers know they’re still doin’ their thang!

Halle Bailey Recently Declared That She Can “Make [Her] Own Decisions”

In addition to her TikTok, Halle recently commented on fans’ concerns over her unpopular relationship.

During a sit-down with Glamour that was published earlier this week, she proclaimed it was “really funny” how everyone was acting like she is still “this innocent, untouchable thing.” Halle was sure to also note, “I’m able to make my own decisions.

“It’s really funny how people look at you [as] still being this young girl, still being this innocent, untouchable thing. I appreciate that as I venture into adulthood, I’m able to make my own decisions.”

She added that, for the sake of her “peace” and “sanity,” she chooses to keep much of her personal life “private.”

Rumors About Halle & “E-List Rapper” DDG Recently Took Over The Internet

Halle’s upload and commentary follow rumors about the young couple splitting up.

Earlier this month, Pop Tingz called widespread attention to the speculation by tweeting, “Halle Bailey and E-list rapper DDG are rumored to have broken up.”

In response, DDG humorously declared, “‘E-list rapper’ kinda funny ngl.”

Shortly thereafter, as fans continued to cheer on the rumored split, he tweeted a video of him appearing to taunt viewers. Not him entering his “hehe haha” era!

Meanwhile, Halle stayed mum on the situation…that is, until she let fans know that the rumors were CAP earlier this week!



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