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Hope Starts Swinging, Steffy Brutal, Finn Stunned in Bold and the Beautiful Top 5 Predictions

Bold and the Beautiful predictions have Finn not liking a side of Steffy Forrester as she goes after Hope Logan. Plus John Finnegan sees this escalating rather quickly on the CBS soap.

So two marriages hit roadblocks all because one woman had a fantasy. But B&B fans sit on the edge of their seat waiting for that urge haunting the Logan daughter to make its way out of her head and onto the screen.

#1 Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Steffy Forrester’s Snarky Attitude Peeves Finn

Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) acted a bit immature this week when she told John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) what she had done to her stepsister. She dropped a dime on Hope Logan (Annika Noelle).

Finn listened as his wife justified what she had done last week on Bold and the Beautiful. She told her husband that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) had a right to know that Hope has feelings for Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson).

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) - Finn - John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan)
B&B: Steffy Forrester – Finn – John Finnegan | CBS

But her real agenda was she was sick of hearing Liam constantly accuse her brother when he did nothing wrong. Bold and the Beautiful predictions suggest this is not a side of Steffy that Finn particularly likes.

He was stunned to think that Steffy would do something as cruel as drop this bomb on Hope and Liam’s marriage. Steffy whined and called her husband “babe” before telling Finn that she didn’t mean to hurt Liam or jeopardize his marriage.  But she tells her husband that she had no choice, she had to defend her brother.

#2 B&B Predictions: Finn Sides with a Rip-Roaring Hope Logan

Steffy didn’t seem to care about the magnitude of what she may have done to Hope’s marriage. This seemed to bother Finn after she told him what she had done. She basically told Liam that his wife has the hots for Thomas. But it bothers Finn that his wife could be so uncaring as to not be concerned over the consequences of what she’s done.

After all, Steffy is working off a feeling she got and not concrete words or actions between Thomas and Hope. So, Bold and the Beautiful predictions say it’s likely Finn can’t back his wife up this time. Next week on B&B, a raging Hope Logan comes looking for Steffy Forrester. And it looks like she finds an ally in Finn.

B&B spoilers suggest the Logan daughter rips into her stepsister. She’s furious over what she told Liam, especially because she said that she wouldn’t tell him. It looks like Steffy’s in for a rude awakening when she looks to John Finnegan for support. But instead, Finn takes Hope Logan’s side.

#3 Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Hope Logan Does Something She Never Does – Lies

Hope already lied this week to a few people, but mainly her husband Liam. When her hubby asked her straight out if she had feelings for Thomas, she denied this. It looks like denying her true feelings becomes part of her new attitude. Especially as she battles everyone pointing the finger at Thomas in the next few weeks. But not for long, suggests The Bold and the Beautiful predictions.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) - Thomas Forrester (Mathew Atkinson)
B&B: Hope Logan – Thomas Forrester | CBS

It looks as if Hope won’t take much more before the truth comes out to everyone. Her denial already has her marriage in a rough spot. But Bold and the Beautiful predictions see Finn supporting the Logan daughter, which will cause friction in his marriage as well. So, it looks like Hope has no choice but to put the blame where it belongs and clear her lead designer.

But the Logan daughter confessing her feelings for her stepbrother won’t make a bit of difference for Liam and her mother. Her husband and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) will still pin it all on Thomas even though it’s Hope having these feelings.

So, it looks like Thomas and Hope only have each other to count on as people are dead set on pulling this design team apart. Brooke will likely demand that Thomas Forrester be let go. Then there’s Steffy, who will likely want the Logan daughter gone.  Then, of course, Liam demanded his wife stop working with his rival, which got her angry last week.

But Bold and the Beautiful predictions see Hope Logan as standing up for herself and making a life-changing decision. This will likely include Thomas as well.

#4 B&B Predictions: Hope and Thomas Forrester’s Creative Juices Flow Out of the Building

It only makes sense that the design team of Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester stick together. They are a profitable couple when it comes to raking in the money on Bold and the Beautiful. Preorders of the HFTF line exceeded any expectations. Plus their designs are more than just a nationwide success. They’ve become popular in other countries as well.

In upcoming episodes, it looks as if the likes of Brooke, Ridge, Steffy, and Liam make it impossible for them to remain a team while at FC. So, they could opt to do the next best thing, open up their own design house. Bold and the Beautiful predictions suggest this is not too far-fetched.

B&B already threw out a few hints that RJ Forrester seems to be his father’s first choice as an FC lead designer. Although the kid would rather get all his teeth pulled than get dragged into the family business. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) seemed to mow over Thomas when talking about RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) being the best

It’s not as if they’d need to scramble for money to do this. The Logan and Forrester families are rolling in dough. Plus with their proven success, backers from outside the family shouldn’t be too hard to find.

#5 Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: Finn Sees a Third Wheel in His Marriage

With Steffy Forrester all wrapped up in taking down any possible Hope-Thomas romance, it’s likely Finn will grow tired of this. Plus, Liam will probably cling to Steffy Forrester and become a fixture over at the cliff house as this dilemma plays out.

Next, Bold and the Beautiful predictions have Finn perturbed over the time Liam Spends with Steffy Forrester. Or at best John Finnegan becomes fed up with Liam constantly making unannounced visits to whine about his marriage.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) - Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton)
B&B: Steffy Forrester – Liam Spencer | CBS

So, much to the disdain of fans, it looks like Steffy and Liam grow a little too close for Finn’s comfort. It also appears as if Bold and the Beautiful might tease another Steffy hookup with the waffler in the future of this CBS soap. But fans love Finn and Steffy Forrester together.

So, they want the soap to leave John Finnegan’s marriage alone. Just that thought of another round of the waffler with the Forrester daughter puts fans on edge.  A loud “N0” vibrates across the social media platforms at just the thought of the CBS soap going this way again.

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