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‘HOTD’ Forever King Paddy Shocked Watching Viserys’ Death

Can we please get an Emmy nomination for Paddy Considine’s devastating House of the Dragon performance? He went through the physical and emotional and mental paces, for crying out loud, and the HFPA didn’t give him a Golden Globe nod. Hopefully, the Emmys can make up for this slight after King Viserys I literally rotted before the masses, and Paddy has stayed in good spirits, even though he didn’t get to ride a dragon at all. Rude.

Paddy has been very open about the physical toll that Viserys’ final decline took upon him. He threw out a knee and needed oxygen treatment after shooting the deathbed scene for hours on end. The unseen effects, however, continued to unfurl as he watched the scene at home. Mind you, he didn’t exactly want to spectate this event, but his wife persuaded him to do so, and Paddy felt as though he was reliving his own father’s death, as he told Variety:

“[M]y wife and daughter watched Episode 8 when it aired in the U.K. I was in another room because I didn’t want to see it. My wife says, ‘You’ve done the work. You need to see it,’ and she showed me the episode. The end, when he lies in the bed, it was very shocking to me, because I looked the image of my dad when he was dying of cancer. The image of him.”

Paddy added that he also watched his mother’s health decline that left her blind and unable to walk, so he undoubtedly felt a double whammy in addition to what the rest of the House of the Dragon audience witnessed unfolding onscreen. Hopefully, he will be rewarded (finally) in the form of an Emmy nomination on July 12. However and no matter what happens, he will remain in viewers’ hearts as the king who tried so hard to do good in Westeros despite ultimately failing, largely due to a misunderstood deathbed utterance. And Paddy will be able to watch that drama unfold from afar with much less physical discomfort when Season 2 arrives in 2024.

(Via Variety)



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