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How Many Episodes Are In ‘Platonic’ Season 1?

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are doing their part to bring back raunchy comedy with Platonic, which stars the pair in an Apple TV+ buddy comedy series about two ex-best friends who lost touch. This tends to happen when people start adulting, and after a pivotal event in one of their lives, they strike up their bond again like a day has never passed. Or do they?

As it turns out, these two friends end up essentially exploding their own lives due to their combined chaotic energy. It’s going to get messy, given that Rose Byrne’s character is not only married but a mother, which doesn’t exactly jibe with the old lifestyle of taking shot after shot at the neighborhood dive bar. Rest argued, though, that this show is what it’s intended to be: breezy fun.

Platonic‘s first season weighs in at 10 episodes, and on the “breezy” note, they each run about 30 minutes in length.

Also, you might think that you know where this show is going, but the chaos is even more maddening than one would expect. As mentioned above, this show is aiming to bring back those decadent laugh fests that were in plentiful supply during Rogen’s earlier career, and Byrne of course starred in one of the raunchiest films of recent memory: Bridesmaids.

Now, however, horse tranquilizers are in the mix. Oh boy.

Platonic premiered on May 24 with three episodes and weekly drops to come.



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