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How Marie-Lou Nurk Feels About The Ladies Of “Selling Sunset”

After making a memorable debut on Netflix’s beloved reality show, “Selling Sunset,” Marie-Lou Nurk is opening up about her time on the hit show and her relationship, or the lack of it with its chaotic cast.

Nurk rose to fame after stealing the heart of Jason Oppenheim following his headline-making split from his co-star Chrishell Stause. The pair became an item in July 2022 and had been going strong, with the real estate mogul taking the big step to introduce her to his Oppenheim Group family.

After meeting the girls of “Selling Sunset,” the German model spills some tea off-air!

Marie-Lou Nurk Feels THIS Way About The Ladies Of “Selling Sunset”

World Premiere Of Netflix's 'Day Shift' held at Regal Cinemas LA Live Stadium 14 on August 10, 2022 in Los Angeles, California, United States. 11 Aug 2022 Pictured: Marie-lou Nurk, Jason Oppenheim.

Days after the season six premiere of the real estate-based reality show, Nurk took to her Instagram Story to host a Q&A session with almost 68,000 followers. The first question from a curious fan who asked, “Are you friends with any of the cast?”

Sporting a casual look of a white long-sleeved top, the 25-year-old styled her blonde hair into a short bob and adorned her face with subtle makeup as she answered with a clip.

“Okay, let’s do it. I love some of the cast members,” she stated before going into details. “Mary [Fitzgerald], for example, is so sweet; Amanza [Smith] is funny and smart…Chealse [Lazanki] is also so smart and funny. I love them.”

She praised new addition Nicole Young, saying she had “the biggest heart.” Nurk added that Young is a “perfect friend” of hers. The model, who has South African heritage, also mentioned Heather Rae El-Moussa, stating that she didn’t know the mother-of-one well enough.

As for the remaining cast members not mentioned, Nurk gave a sarcastic remark as she said, “And the rest… they’re okay,” while fighting a smirk. She urged her fans to watch season 7 to find out what went down. The cast members excluded are new addition Bre Tiesi, Emma Herman, Davina Potratz, and Stause, her boyfriend’s immediate ex.

For those who have caught up with the latest season of “Selling Sunset,” Nurk and Stause’s first meeting wasn’t particularly friendly. Hence, it is no surprise that she dislikes the “All My Children” alum.

Another fan asked the Economics graduate if she would feature in the upcoming seventh season, and she gave an affirmative. Opening up, she said, “I can’t tell too much, but yeah. A lot of things will happen, and maybe too much.”

The Paris Resident Addressed The Negative Remarks About The 20-Year Age-Difference.

As expected, the Q&A session got juicier with each question, with one fan asking the 25-year-old how she felt when the cast members gave snide remarks about the age difference between her and Oppenheim.

As you may know, the President of Oppenheim Group is 46 — 20 years old than Nurk, who is set to turn 26 later this year. The famous twin is no stranger to dating women younger than him, but the mind-blowing gap between him and his girlfriend was a significant topic of discussion in the newest season of “Selling Sunset.”

“Were you offended by the age digs the ladies kept making?” asked the fan. Getting candid about the eyebrow-raising remarks, Nurk answered, “Well, negative comments, when people are talking about you, especially women is not the easiest thing to deal with.”

Nevertheless, the Marilyn Agency signed model declared that everyone had to deal with it. Nurk further explained that she believed the discussion about age was due to society’s pressures on women to “look a certain way,” resulting in superficial insecurities that breed comparison.

She urged women to focus on putting each other up instead of tearing down. Despite the negative remarks Nurk might have received about her age, she and Oppenheim seem to be growing strong.

Weeks before the show’s premiere, she opened up about their thriving romance and shared tips on how they enjoy their long-distance relationship. Nurk lives in Paris, while the 46-year-old is based in Los Angeles.

“Long distance relationships can be tough, but we’re committed to making it work. We communicate regularly and make time for each other despite the distance,” she shared.



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