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‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Jennings’ Proud Harvard Moment

Jazz Jennings from I Am Jazz has a proud moment after completing her second year at Harvard. All her hard work paid off.

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Gets into Harvard

Jazz Jennings started her Harvard journey a few years ago. Getting into such a prestigious school was a proud accomplishment. However, it wasn’t an easy road. After getting her acceptance letter, her mental health took a turn for the worst. She thought it was best to put going to college on hold.

However, when the I Am Jazz reality star was ready to start the next chapter of her life at Harvard, she had to prove to the school board she was ready. So, she took on an internship at a surgeon’s office that helps transgender youth get the body they feel they belong in.

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings - Griffen Jennings - Sander Jennings
Jazz & Griffen & Sander Jennings | Instagram

The internship was a success for the TLC celeb. She learned a lot and was able to help people along the way by sharing her story. But that wasn’t the only thing she had to do to get back into the school.

She had to find a team of doctors in Boston willing to take her on as a client. It was a last-minute request from the school. But she and her mother, Jeanette Jennings, were able to make it happen.

TLC Star Struggles over Summer Break

Jazz attended her first year of Harvard two years ago. The TLC celeb was happy to be living on her own. She liked being independent and not having to live under her parents’ roof and live by their rules. She felt free. But that all ended when she went back home for summer break.

The I Am Jazz cast member was happy to be back in Florida and see her family. However, her parents had difficulty giving her the same freedoms he had back at Harvard.

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings
I Am Jazz | Instagram

Jeanette Jennings constantly worried about her daughter. She would always track her on her cellphone. And her daughter didn’t like that.

Jazz’s freedom at home wasn’t the only problem she was dealing with. The TLC star was second-guessing going back to Harvard. She thought about taking another year off or not going back at all. She felt she could succeed without a degree and going to school.

I Am Jazz Celeb Gets Perfect Grades

Jazz Jennings decided to give school another try. After the summer, she went back to Harvard for her second year. And she had an excellent first semester of her second year. She even got good grades.

The I Am Jazz cast member has completed her second year at Harvard. And she was proud when she found out she got all A’s.

According to her, she worked “real hard” this semester. So, she was happy to earn all high marks. The TLC celeb is also thankful for all the support she got from her family. She even thanks the fans who also supported her. She believes she couldn’t “kick a** without” them all.

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