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Is Camila and Eddie’s Romance in the ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ Book?

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of Daisy Jones and The Six.With only two episodes left of Daisy Jones and The Six, the series adaptation of the novel of the same name, the story and band drama of a legendary level have somewhat veered off the path paved by the book by Taylor Jenkins Reid when it comes to what has unfolded so far. With the tension building to a more obvious, romantic/hateful breaking point between faces of the band Daisy (Riley Keough) and Billy (Sam Claflin) to Karen (Suki Waterhouse) making the first move on Graham (Will Harrison) over jealousy, the episodes have found a way to make the lead-up to the dreaded night in which the band breaks up feel much more anxiety-inducing, despite the audience already knowing what is about to happen.


The changes have also made the stakes of each character way higher, and the biggest change that causes this is the tension between Billy and Camila (Camila Morrone). Since the first episode, the series teased a potential romance between Camila and The Six bass player, Eddie (Josh Whitehouse), something that is absent from the novel. However, an interview moment with Eddie tells viewers that he has known Camila since they were kids, and how it was difficult to not fall in love with her.

From that point forward, the audience catches several moments that show Eddie taking quick glances at Camila, alluding to the idea that he has loved her all this time. Even at Billy and Camila’s wedding, Eddie stares longingly at her. Moments like these are absent from the book, with the two characters lacking any romantic chemistry. While he does admit how difficult it was to not love Camila in the novel, that is as far is it goes when it comes to potential romance, while the series has taken things a step further.

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Camila Begins to Feel a Distance Growing Between Her and Billy

Camila Morrone in Daisy Jones and The Six in Episode 6
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In Episode 6, Camila begins to feel more removed from the band’s process, as well as her own husband. Billy comes home late every night after writing songs with Daisy for hours on end. Billy himself, in an interview, states that writing an album is an “intimate thing,” and that it has to be in order to be successful. Despite this, Camila knows that there is something more between Daisy and Billy. This is made worse after she had previously caught him cheating on tour in the beginning of the series.

With Billy and Daisy, she knows there is a connection that she cannot prevent. During the photo shoot for album “Aurora,” in which Billy says the title track is about her, Camila takes her own photo of Billy and Daisy in a private moment, passionately arguing. After showing Billy the photo, which captures their undeniable chemistry, all Camila says is, “We used to fight like that.”

Does the Book Include the Affair Between Eddie and Camila?

Camila Morrone in Daisy Jones and The Six
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The novel by Reid, somewhat similar to the series, is written entirely in interview format. It is through these individual interviews that the audience learns how every member of the band and those in their circle were keeping secrets from each other, an idea that is amped up for the Prime series. Karen and Graham, for example, see each other behind everyone else’s back out of fear of having a negative effect on the band.

The only one let in on this secret is Camila, who otherwise feels left out of something she used to feel so a part of. In Episode 6 she finally divulges that she needed a secret of her own, and this is when we see Camila run into Eddie at a bar. After seeing her, he ditches his date to be with her, saying, “I choose you over everyone.” It is then heavily implied that something happened between the two off-screen, as Camila pulls up to the home she shares with Billy, guiltily fixing her makeup in the car mirror. On top of that, Eddie completely avoids Billy at the studio the next morning. While most of the imperfect moments between Billy and Camila are present in the book, all of these events are missing from the book. However, small parts of the book do in fact imply that Camila cheated with an old flame, but not Eddie.

The Complicated Romantic Relationships Makes the Ending More Nerve-Wracking

Josh Whitehouse in Daisy Jones and The Six
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While it is yet to be seen if or how this will play into the band’s final performance and explosive break-up, which is already an emotional moment in the book, there could be potential for making the outcome even worse. The moment between Eddie and Camila is a contrast to Billy and Daisy, who have a more intensely emotional relationship over a physical one. On the other hand, Camila did what she did with Eddie because she wanted to have some power in a situation that she could not stop.

Another potential outcome can specifically affect Billy and Eddie, who have a tense relationship since the start of the band. Eddie, who plays bass in the first place because Billy told him to, already resents him for calling all the shots. While the dislike between the two exists in the book, Eddie’s feelings for Camila in the series add another direct reason for Eddie to be constantly angry and irritated with Billy. This significant addition makes the night the band reaches its breaking point much more nerve-wracking, especially in seeing how it will deviate from the already-devasting band’s end in the novel.



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