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Is The Family A Cult?

In “Fast X,” we are introduced to a new potential rival-turned-ally, “Reacher” star Alan Ritchson, who brings his ginormous Reacher hands to the franchise as the not-so-shocking, super-obvious villain Aimes. He is the new leader of The Agency in Mr. Nobody’s mysterious absence. When we are introduced to Aimes, he is ordering The Agency to hunt down Dom and the family, who are being framed for the opening attack in Rome.

Aimes finally says the quiet part out loud and wonders why The Agency, a super secret, super spy organization, relied so much on a gang of street racers for world-saving missions. What’s more, he points out how Dom Toretto leads not really a crew, let alone a family, but what looks more like a cult. Granted, he is the villain, so of course he is overreacting and speaking foolishly. Or is he?

Think about it. We knew even from the very first film that Dom had a way of bringing everyone to his side, with Mia saying he is “like gravity: everything just got pulled to him.” As Aimes points out, Dom turned Brian, the cop who was going to arrest him, into his brother-in-law and best friend. Dom also turned Hobbs, another cop who was obsessed with bringing him down, into an ally. Dom even made Deckard Shaw, the man who killed Han (except he didn’t), a friend and invited him to the barbecue. Even Cipher, who killed the mother of Dom’s child, eventually turned to Dom and the family for help in a time of need.



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