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‘It’s Puppy Day’ For Noodle The Pug’s Owner Jonathan Graziano!

“It’s puppy day!”

It’s a total “bones” day for Jonathan Graziano, TikTok famous Noodle the pug’s owner, who has welcomed not one, but two pug puppies into his home and heart so he can help find them their forever homes.

Jonathan Graziano Introduced His Two Foster Pug Puppies To TikTok!

Jonathan Graziano and Noodle
JonGraz – TikTok

Noodle, who was known for predicting if a day was going to be a “bones” or “no bones” day, passed away a few months ago and Graziano felt it was the right time to welcome the pups into his life. He claims to only be fostering them until they find their forever homes, but many of his loyal social media followers are thinking otherwise.

In just three hours, the video introducing TikTok to the two pug puppies has received more than 726,000 views and nearly 5,000 comments. Noodle was such a loved pup that so many of Graziano’s followers expressed how happy they are that he’s got these two new puppies in his life.

“They’re yours now and you know it ❤️,” one follower said. Another added, “You are definitely going to fall in love with them.”

Another person wrote, “I literally love seeing a smile on your face! Noodle is shining up there with that smile on his dads face.”  Another follower declared it a good day by saying, “It’s a bones day!!!!!!”

While many people were commenting on the pup’s cuteness, many others wanted to know what their names are. Graziano hasn’t named them just yet, so many are adding name options into the comment section. It seems everyone’s on the same page of keeping with a “noodle” theme after the beloved Noodle.

“You should call them Rigatoni (Tony for short) and Rotini (Teeny for short) in honor of Noodle 🥰,” one follower suggested. Another added, “You should name them Rigatoni, and Ziti, to keep with the Noodle theme 🥰,” to which Graziano replied, “Oh yeah noodle will always be the master brand!!”

Other name suggestions included, “Pasta and Al Dente,” “Penne and Ramen,” “Meatball and Alfredo,” “Linguine and Ravioli,” and “Udon and Soba.”

Jonathan Graziano Is Taking Baby Steps To Being A Dog Dad Again

Jonathan Graziano and Noodle
Jongraz – TikTok

While many followers think Graziano will experience a “foster fail,” meaning he will ultimately adopt these pups, he explained in an earlier video that he isn’t ready for that just yet.

“And although, admittedly, I have already fallen in love with both of these puppies, and would die for them for any reason at any given moment, and I know it’s famous last words for a foster to say they’re not going to adopt their foster dog, I’m really not gonna,” he explained.

“I’m just not ready. I’m so excited to have little puppies running around because I got so much love to give and now I have two little beans I can smother with it, but I’m just not ready to make that commitment.”

He continued his video by explaining that he’s excited to help the two little pug puppies find their forever homes with people who are ready to make that commitment. “But let me tell you, while they’re here they’re gonna get spoiled rotten,” he continued.

“I just got their pen, their waterproof pads just got here, they’re gonna have access to some noodle things, not all of them. Some of those are boxed up and ready to go to the Smithsonian whenever they call, but I’ve got some old beds and I’ve got blankets and toys, and it’s just gonna be great.”



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