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James Gunn’s Slither Inspired One Of Guardians Of The Galaxy 3’s Biggest Set Pieces

Production designer Beth Mickle spoke with MovieWeb about the creative collaboration she had with Gunn on this project and specifically cited the look of Orgoscope as being something they knew they had to get right:

“It was probably a weekly conversation that we had, of just making sure we were being bold, and those fleshy surfaces were really palpable and really tangible and felt real. Marvel really did support us throughout and got on board with some of these wild ideas that they hadn’t before, and hats off to them for that because I think it’s paid off.”

What better way to feel confident that her work building this particular location would resonate with Gunn than to use his own previous work as a jumping off point? And that’s what she did. 

“Slither” is a horror comedy about alien slugs mutating the residents of a small town and gets very slimy and gross. If you go back and watch that movie, suddenly the Orgoscope doesn’t seem to come out of left field. It’s definitely in Gunn’s wheelhouse to delight in the macabre and it’s even more in his style when he ties in that gross stuff to an emotional story beat all about the true power of friendship and love.

So, go watch “Slither” if you haven’t. Much like Peter Jackson’s early horror work, it’s like a template for the masterful populist filmmaker he has become.



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