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Julia Fox Puts Up Assets To Get Brother Out of Jail

Julia Fox’s relationship with her brother isn’t close but she still put up collateral of all kinds to get him out of the slammer.

Julia Fox, The Best Big Sis

Julia Fox was spotted chatting on her phone as pushing her son in a stroller while out and about in New York City

The actress just stepped in to get her younger brother Christopher Fox out of lockup after a shocking raid of the New York City apartment he shares with his father, Thomas Fox took place late last week.

Christopher was arrested on charges related to gun possession and manufacturing. Police found guns without tracers in the home. They also found 3D printers that they are assuming were used to make guns without traceable serial numbers.

The raid also turned up chemicals that are most often included in bomb-making, and drugs. While Julia’s dad Thomas, 65 was arrested along with his son, 33, he was released and not charged. Police are operating on the assumption that his son was doing this without his knowledge.

Julia Fox And Her Parents Rallied Together

Outside Arrivals for quot Batman quot World Premiere

The model and her parents (her mom still resides in Italy), co-signed a $450,000 bond to get her brother released from Rikers Island where he was being held. It’s surprising that Julia is helping her family out because in the past she has said she doesn’t spend a lot of time with or speak a lot with her father and brother.

She once described her baby brother as a “mad scientist”. According to The Daily Mail, the bail receipt shows that Julia secured her portion of the bond with “assets”. The celebrity bails bondman that helped them out, Ira Judelson told the New York Post that Julia “seemed upset” because “it is her brother.”

Christopher Fox Went Before A Judge

Julia Fox at the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards

The accused saw the judge on Thursday where assistant district attorney Cyril Heron listed the charges and detailed some of the investigations.

“Between March 2018 and December 2022, the defendant purchased at least 190 ghost gun items, totaling over $7,600, all of these items were sent to the defendant’s home.” ADA Heron continued.

“In addition, over $8,000 in cash was recovered. Notably, the NYPD did not recover a substantial number of the items reflected in his purchase history, which indicates that he has manufactured ghost guns and sold them.”

He also alleged that “The defendant possessed enough gun parts to assemble an assault weapon-style rifle.”

Christopher Fox Money Trail Snagged Him

Julia Fox at the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards

The prosecutors claimed that Christopher cashed in nearly $345,000 in illicit gun sales. There is a monetary trail seen through his CashApp account between April 2020 and January 2023.

A source alleges to the Daily Mail that Julia grew up with her father being “abusive” and “unhinged”. “She knew about her dad and brother’s 3D printing and suspected drug usage, but has no direct knowledge about this because she has zero contact with either of them.”

The source also claims that Julia has described her father as “insane and has caused her emotional trauma that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life. She knew that one day his life would catch up with him. She is glad that no one was hurt by his disgusting actions.”



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