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Kathryn Dennis Facing Eviction (Again), Asking Friends for Money

A few months ago, Bravo fired Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm. Reportedly, her behind-the-scenes misbehavior became too much.

Kathryn immediately launched an OnlyFans. However, that has apparently not been the financial lifeline that she had hoped.

She has had multiple conflicts with landlords — at multiple residences — over allegedly unpaid rent.

A new report says that she is facing eviction again, is absolutely broke, and is asking friends for financial help.

Court documents in Charleston, South Carolina reveal that Kathryn Dennis received a Rule to Vacate notice.

Yes, again.

This time, a process server handed over the notice on March 8, 2023. That was, of course, just last week.

Kathryn Dennis braces herself and tries to defend herself in this Bravo photo.

This is the second time that this has happened at Kathryn’s current home.

The previous incident was just four months ago, as Kathryn faced potential eviction on November 17, 2022.

Now, that time, Kathryn was able to keep her home.

However, now she is back in a similar situation. That is not a good sign.

Apartments in Kathryn’s complex are not especially high end, with a studio costing $1,640 and a two-bedroom, two-bathroom costing $2,725.

Yes, those are absurd and agonizing prices for relatively small family homes. But unfortunately, those are normal, mid-range rent prices in many US cities. So it doesn’t appear that Kathryn is trying to live like a princess.

Kathryn Dennis Charms
Kathryn Dennis smirks in this scene from the Bravo hit Southern Charm.

We noted that this is Kathryn’s second incident like this at her current home. But we also reported that she moved last year.

So, this is actually Kathryn’s fourth warning on rent in just the last year alone.

The previous two times were in February and March of last year. That was the residence where she stayed with her ex-boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell.

Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell Move In Together
Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis got a new home with her new boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell, though it lacks color so far.

Obviously, people will naturally have financial struggles. Kathryn does not have custody of her kids and very recently lost her reality TV career.

Sometimes, a breakup means suddenly having your rent doubled (or more). Suddenly losing your job can do that, too.

And until very recently, Kathryn had to maintain a certain image in order to maintain her Bravolebrity status. That costs money.

An inside source spoke to The Sun, noting two things: that Kathryn is in dire financial circumstances, and that she apparently turned down a pity offer from Bravo.

First and foremost, Bravo allegedly offered her a day rate to appear here and there, sporadically, on Southern Charm.

Kathryn declined. Maybe they weren’t offering enough to make a difference, or maybe she’s playing hardball and hoping that they’ll ask her back full time. Hey, it worked for NeNe Leakes. Once. Years ago.

Kathryn Dennis is Off the Wagon
Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis mocks worried friends and castmates after she returns to drinking.

“Kathryn is not doing well financially,” an insider reported.

“And,” the source went on, “she’s telling friends she’s having to move house after being threatened with eviction a number of times.”

Since no one on this side of the Atlantic says “move house,” we have to assume that this insider is as British as the tabloid publishing the report.

“I heard last week she was putting belongings into storage and trying to work out where to go,” the source went on.

The insider predicted that “it’ll probably be near her family or nearer to the kids in Aiken.” Thomas has custody, unfortunately.

“She’s doing herself no favors at the minute,” the source observed. “She’s been offered a day rate for Southern Charm after they cut her full-time deal, but she turned it down, which wasn’t smart.”

Kathryn Dennis Flaunts Nails on instagram
Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has demonstrated tremendous personal growth in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy getting all dolled up.

“Kathryn has since been asking to borrow money from friends,” the insider added. “It is really bad, she needs to get her life together.”

The source added: “If she’d have been better behaved on the show and nicer to the cast and crew while filming she probably wouldn’t have been axed.”

And the insider concluded: “She is still doing her OnlyFans but it doesn’t make that much money, so it’s likely she’ll have to get a job soon.”

This is Kathryn’s OnlyFans page as of 16 March, 2023. As you can see, she has only 14 posts and only 384 likes. Unless you are reading this weeks or months later, it is unlikely that these numbers have increased dramatically.

An anecdotal survey of OF tells us that it is normal for someone — not a celebrity — posting to have hundreds of posts and hundreds of thousands of likes. For that matter, even small and barely active accounts usually at least have thousands of likes.

We know that Kathryn is new to the platform and likely not baring all (we cannot personally confirm what she does or does not do). But her page is not boasting the numbers of a successful OnlyFans page, even if she were a nobody who’d just started. Maybe it’s her content or her brand, but she clearly needs more followers. Or a different job.



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