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Katie Maloney Says ‘Idiot’ Raquel Leviss Took ‘Giant Dump’

Katie Maloney has entered the “Scandoval” chat!

The ex-wife of Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval’s best friend and business partner, appeared on Lala Kent’s March 14th podcast episode.

Lala and Maloney talked all things Raquel Leviss, “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 reunion special and more.

Lala & Katie Open Up About “Scandoval”

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney Splitting Real Estate Profits In Divorce

Obviously, both women are under strict guidelines of what they can and cannot say about “Scandoval” and that entire crap shoot.

However, they are able to lightly voice their opinions on it, as well as, their opinions on Leviss and Sandoval.

The season 10 reunion special will air on March 23rd. It’s still up in the air whether or not Leviss will join the rest of the cast at the taping due to the restraining order she has against Scheana Shay.

Leviss’ Is “Sabotaging” Reunion Special With Restraining Order

Raquel Leviss with bandaid over her left eye
The Blast

Maloney believes she will be at the reunion because “it’s in the contract” and “it doesn’t bode well” for her if she’s a no-show.

The reality TV stars plan to watch the remaining episodes in this season together for “emotional support.”

Maloney admitted this season has been particularly hard for her to watch. In case you haven’t tuned into this season, Leviss has been making flirty advances on Schwartz.

“This year, there was so much happening actually throughout the actual season, not just in our interview bites, that I was really surprised by and it was hurtful and very disrespectful, I thought,” she admitted. “Like that has been hard for me. And I just know that there’s so much more to come that it doesn’t get much better, so I’m like, ‘Jesus,’ I’m going to need some emotional support.”

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Katie Maloney Officially Files For Divorce From Tom Schwartz

Lala added, “I got your back. I’ll be your emotional support animal.”

The conversation then turned to Leviss and the “ick” feeling Lala had for a while, and how Leviss did Maloney dirty as a friend.

The “Give Them Lala” host told Shay not bring Leviss around her before “Scandoval” broke, because she disrespected Maloney.

Katie Says She Can Confidently Tell Raquel: “F**K YOU”

“You will not catch this bitch around me. I do not like her. I do not like what she did to my friend, Katie. Don’t bring her around ME! Then all of this s**t happens, and I’m like, thank God I did not give this hoe a chance to be in my presence and breathe in my air, you know,” the mother-of-one explained.

Maloney admitted she can confidently say “F**K YOU” to Leviss, because she gave her every opportunity to be a part of their friend group and prove she can be a better person.

Katie Maloney at 2019 People's Choice Awards

“I gave you every opportunity,” she said. “I was so kind to you when I didn’t have to be, but I was. And the fact that you didn’t, like, really step up or really appreciate that or recognize that, and you just walked all over that and took a giant dump on it, like you’re an idiot and I don’t care. I don’t care what’s coming to you right now. You DESERVE IT!”

It’s no secret that this season Leviss has been a s**t disturber to Maloney. As previously mentioned, following her split from Schwartz, Leviss moved in on him with flirty and sexual advances.

Following “Scandoval” breaking and the imminent backlash, Leviss made a plea on social media that she needs time to “heal.”

Lala clearly has ZERO sympathy for Leviss’ request.

“That’s what’s really crazy to me…when people f**k around and then there’s repercussions for your actions, and they’re like ‘This isn’t fair though. This shouldn’t be happening.’ They try to like take every avenue to make it make sense. And it’s like… YOU did this. No one did this to you. Right? So, are we sorry that we got caught or are we sorry that it happened?” Lala said.



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