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Katy Perry Reportedly ‘Upset’ And Wants To Leave ‘American Idol’

Katy Perry wants to call it quits on her time on “American Idol.” The singer, who has faced immense criticism throughout the latest season, believes that the producers threw her under the bus by putting her in public videos of the show that make her look like the “nasty judge.”

Perry allegedly doesn’t care about the paycheck she might be walking away from and only wants to keep her “legacy” in the music industry from deteriorating. Amid the criticism, fans have called for the singer to be replaced ahead of the next season by “Jagged Little Pill” hitmaker Alanis Morissette.

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Katy Perry Is ‘Upset’ By The Criticism And Wants To Quit

Katy Perry Followers Are Confused By Her CMA Appearance, Accuse Her Of 'Switching Sides'
Instagram | Katy Perry

Per Daily Mail, Perry isn’t happy with viewers’ backlash during this “American Idol” season and wants to quit the show.

The renowned singer, who has served as a judge for six years, feels she doesn’t deserve all the flak she has received and has faulted producers for pushing out videos that only make her look like the “nasty judge.”

“Katy feels like [the producers] threw her under the bus,” a source told the publication. “She feels like her comments could have been removed.”

The source added, “Katy became aware of the harsh criticism. Getting booed upset her. She was trying to stay in her lane, do her job, and go home.”

It was also mentioned that Perry’s “good intention” to “foster young talent” when she joined the show had been misunderstood. She had wanted to leave her position because of all of this for a while, but this season has tipped the scales further.

‘It Is Not A Money Thing’

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala

If Perry calls it quits on “American Idol,” she would be losing out on earning a reported $25 million per season, which is a massive amount by any standard.

According to the Daily Mail’s source, the massive paycheck doesn’t matter to the singer, as she is more focused on not letting the show continue to harm her “legacy” in the music industry.

“[Katy’s decision to quit] is not a money thing,” the insider said. “For her, it is starting to become a legacy issue. She does not want her career defined by a talent competition show where she isn’t even performing.”

While the singer has not publicly acknowledged her feelings, she was recently seen dodging questions about her future on the show, further fueling the uncertainty surrounding her stay.

Fans Have Called For Katy Perry To Be Replaced

SInger Katy Perry at Kimmel

Despite facing criticism in earlier seasons, Katy found it most challenging to maintain fan support in the just-finished installment.

She was accused of “mom-shaming” 25-year-old Sara Beth Liebe at the beginning of the season, and her comments to Carina DeAngelo, 25, and Nutsa Buzaladze, 25, after an “underwhelming” performance were deemed harsh by many.

And when she was temporarily replaced by Alanis Morissette while she was away performing at the coronation, fans took to social media to heap praise on the “Jagged Little Pill” singer while calling for Perry to be replaced.

One fan commented about Morissette, “Your comments were unselfishly intended to benefit the contestants, unlike those of other judges @LionelRichie & @katyperry could certainly take a lesson from you.”

Katy Perry Sizzled For The ‘American Idol Season 21 Finale

Katy Perry Rocks Skin-Baring Sheer Outfit For 'American Idol' Season 21 Finale
Instagram | Katy Perry

Amid the backlash, Perry didn’t let the criticism stop her from showing up to the season 21 finale looking glamorous.

She wore an orange suit to the occasion, every inch of which was covered with tiny, sparkly stones. Its top layer included several cuts and decorations that resembled flowers, giving it an even more magnificent appearance.

Perry’s physique below was closely held by its racy, high waist, see-through skirt that trailed with a tail.

The singer also wore briefs that matched the hue of the racy ensemble and covered her privates. She further accessorized with diamond stud earrings and her oval-cut ruby engagement ring.

She also had short, natural-looking baby pink manicured nails, and she let one side of her long raven hair fall over her in waves.



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