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‘Life After Lockup’: Are Amber and Puppy Getting Back Together?

Life After Lockup fans believe they have the answer to all of Amber Eggers and Michelle “Puppy” Deaton’s problems with their boyfriends.

Life After Lockup: Michelle Puppy Deaton & Amber Eggers Share a Strong Bond

During Season 3 of Life After Lockup, Amber Eggers admitted to her friend Michelle Puppy Deaton that her feelings towards her were deeper than friendship. It is no secret to WEtv viewers that the two women have remained close despite their steamy past relationship.

Even though they both say they are in committed relationships with their boyfriends, some of their followers think there is more to their bond than either will admit to.

So, the two women began an exclusive relationship. They have been through just about every kind of drama and chaos known to mankind.

However, despite their growing bond their relationship took some bumps and bruises that found both moving on with their lives. Despite moving on with new relationships the one thing they never moved on from was their friendship.

They know they can always count on the other to lean on. This is why many Life After Lockup viewers believe they will eventually get back together.

Amber Can’t Stay Out of WEtv Bestie’s Life

Amber Eggers says she loves her boyfriend TC. She wants to build a long-lasting and committed relationship with him. However, her Life After Lockup partner has one problem with moving forward with Amber.

He does not like her relationship with Puppy Deaton. TC says he believes as long as she is in their lives, Amber will never fully commit to him.

Life After Lockup: Amber Eggers - Image Credit: WEtv
Life After Lockup: Amber Eggers – Image Credit: WEtv

Even though Amber tells TC this is 1000 percent wrong. Her reality television fans aren’t so sure either and tend to agree with him.

They feel she knows how much her boyfriend dislikes her relationship with WEtv’s Michelle Puppy Deaton, so if she wanted it to work with him then she would distance herself from Michelle Deaton.

Amber of Life After Lockup disagrees. Still there she is sticking her nose into Puppy’s business and her relationship with her boyfriend Eric every chance she gets.

Amber says she is unsure if she is equipped to handle dealing with someone like Eric. Eggers is afraid if Puppy stays with him she will find herself in a bad situation, or back in prison.

Life After Lockup: Will Puppy & Amber Ditch Their Men?

When it all comes down to it according to viewers the Life After Lockup stars say, they want to be together. They also say they want to see them reunite as a couple.

They say neither of the women has been truly happy since they split. The Life After Lockup die-hards add that Amber Eggers and Puppy Deaton belong together. They feel once they come to terms with their real feelings for each other they can move on together.

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