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‘Life After Lockup’: Derek Flaunts New Lady in Monique’s Face

Life After Lockup former couple Derek Warner and Monique Robinson continue their feud on social media. However, he has sent his ex a public message telling her that he has moved on to his new girlfriend, and she looks oddly familiar. So, is it finally over between the former WEtv partners?

Life After Lockup: Monique Robinson & Derek Warner Say They Are Through

Derek Warner and Monique Robinson’s Life After Lockup breakup is one for the WEtv record books. For the past couple of weeks, this reality television couple has aired all their business on social media. When the season finale ended they were engaged. However, in a matter of days, it was over.

Monique Robinson | WEtv

She says just hours after she returned home from an extended visit in Ohio she began getting messages and photos revealing that he was once again cheating on her. She became furious and tried to contact her fiance, however, he ignored her calls and texts.

So she took to social media and broke up with him in public. The two began battling back and forth on Instagram Live, and things have become very nasty.

They each slam the other, revealing all sorts of crazy secrets about the other. Even though they both claim it is over between them, they can’t leave each other alone. But now that Life After Lockup star has gone public with his new girlfriend, things are heating up even more.

Who Is The New Girl Derek Is Flaunting In His WEtv Ex’s Face?

Life After Lockup‘s Derek recently posted a TikTok Live showing his fans that he is over Monique. He has found another love interest. The post shows him and this new woman getting cozy on his bed. Many WEtv followers believe that he is deliberately rubbing this new girlfriend in his ex’s face.


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He knows that he will get a serious reaction from his ex, so he will keep his name public. Rumors indicate that both are desperate to keep their names in the media. Especially since they have been reportedly fired from WEtv’s Life After Lockup series. Currently, he is looking for a new reality television gig.

Fans believe that the former pair let their recent reality television fame get to their heads. Now they are out of sorts trying to figure out where their next paycheck will come from. One thing that fans have noticed is his new girlfriend strangely resembles the female in the alleged cheating photos.

Life After Lockup: Monique Claims She Is Just Getting Started

Monique says she is no longer playing with him. She is on a mission to expose every dirty detail of their relationship. The Life After Lockup cast member also says she has plenty of recent evidence to support her claims. So far she has accused him of physically abusing her, and making up lies about her to make himself look like the victim.

Life After Lockup: Monique Robinson
Monique Robinson | Instagram

Warner also accuses her of the same thing by her ex. He even posted video proof of her putting her hands around his throat and threatening him. She also says that his lies and allegations about her have also put her in financial dire straits due to losing several appearance gigs following their breakup. Again he alleges the same.

The entire story of the breakup is completely wild and crazy and has WEtv fans choosing sides. Life After Lockup viewers are anxiously awaiting the next WEtv franchise season Love During Lockup, which airs in July.

She tells her followers this is only the beginning when it comes to exposing him for who he really is. She adds that her fans have a lot more to look forward to. Their followers also expect him to have more to reveal as well.

It looks like Life After Lockup fans will have a lot of drama to entertain them until July. The only difference is now neither Derek Warner nor Monique Robinson are getting paid for it.

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