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‘Life After Lockup’: Derek Warner & Monique Robinson Fired?

Life After Lockup couple Derek Warner and Monique Robinson‘s volatile relationship has them in hot water with the WEtv network. While their recent breakup drama continues off-camera, sources close to the pair say they can confirm that they have been fired from the popular reality series.

Life After Lockup: Monique Robinson & Derek Warner Get Axed?

The Life After Lockup series finale aired at the end of April, and a lot is going on off-camera between Monique and Derek. For fans of the hit WEtv series that are unaware, even though the finale shows him winning his girl back and proposing to her, things between them did not work out.

Life After Lockup: Derek Warner - Monique Robinson
Derek Warner – Monique Robinson | WEtv

Viewers know that their relationship got off to a rocky start and became very volatile throughout the season. Derek’s sisters did not care for Monique Robinson from day one, and the feeling was mutual. They did not believe she was the right person for their brother, and it looks like they were right.

Monique’s sister also became involved in her battle with his sisters. At one point things became violent, and the women engaged in a physical brawl. She never could fully trust him after finding out that he had cheated on her with multiple women throughout their relationship.

The Life After Lockup couple spent most of their time arguing and fighting among themselves. According to a family source, (Derek’s sister Elizabeth) claims the WEtv network is over-dealing with the couple’s behavior and criticisms. So, they feel it best for all to cut ties with the former couple. Following the season finale things went from bad to worse for them.

Derek and WEtv Ex Take Their Breakup Drama to Social Media

The season finale of Life After Lockup revealed that Derek had finally proposed. She accepted his on-camera proposal and later told fans during a social media update that she was planning their wedding.

Robinson also said they were moving to Atlanta or Houston. She sounded upbeat and excited about their future and revealed they were also planning to have a baby very soon.


However, following that announcement things fell apart. Monique said she had just returned to her hometown of Chicago, from a three-month stay in Cleveland, Ohio. Hours later she received text messages and photos of Derek in the club with another woman.

Things escalated quickly from there and she took to social media to publicly break up with her Life After Lockup him. The two fought back and forth for days on Instagram Live airing each other’s dirty laundry.

Things took a nasty turn when they each accused each other of physical abuse. Monique shared photos revealing a swollen and black eye, claiming Derek had been violent and abusive to her on more than one occasion.

Derek denied all of his ex’s allegations and revealed she was the abusive partner in the relationship. He shared a video of Monique threatening and choking him as he recorded the entire altercation.

Now that they have broken up, the former couple uses social media to harass each other. They both allege the other constantly contacts the other, begging them to get back together.

Life After Lockup: Monique Has a Different Version – Who Is Telling the Truth?

Now that Monique Robinson and Derek Warner have officially broken up, they want to discredit each other. She says he lies about everything and only wants to hurt her. He says she doesn’t want to see him happy, or with anyone else and continues to make threats to make him look like that bad guy.

Life After Lockup: Monique Robinson
Monique Robinson | WEtv

At one point during Life After Lockup, the WEtv viewers were rooting for the couple. despite their constant arguments and drama, many wanted to see them together. Now that they have split and the network has reportedly fired them from the show, many fans wonder what is next for the former couple.

Monique says she is happy, working on herself, and ready to move on with her life. Derek says he is also ready to do the same. What are your thoughts on Derek Warner and Monique Robinson being fired from Life After Lockup? Even broken up the drama keeps coming from these two.

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