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‘Life After Lockup’: Sara Plots to Leave Shawn?

Life After Lockup couple Sara Isaac and Shawn Osborne‘s marriage troubles continue. She has made it clear to her spouse that he isn’t giving her the attention she craves.

But he doesn’t quite understand what more she wants from him. She is ready to make some significant changes to her life, and if he doesn’t change his ways, he could be one of them.

Life After Lockup: Shawn Osborne Questions Sara Isaac’s Recent Behavior

Shawn Osborne says he knows he’s not been the best husband to his Life After Lockup wife Sara Isaac. She says she needs him to change, or else she will change things herself.

The couple continues to fight about their issues daily. So, when she decides she needs to start the change process, she wants to begin with her looks.

Life After Lockup: Shawn Osborne
Life After Lockup: Shawn Osborne – Image Credit: WEtv

Sara tells her husband she wants to get breast implants. She says she feels uncomfortable with how her body looks, especially since nursing their daughter Addilyn Osborne.

Shawn of Life After Lockup tries to convince his spouse he loves her body as is, but she insists on seeing a plastic surgeon.

While they are at a consultation with the doctor, Sara’s phone blows up. She tries to play it off, it is her ex, and he is persistent. Shawn can tell there is something up with her.

So, when she makes an excuse in the middle of their conversation to leave the room, her husband’s suspicions arise even more. He can’t shake the feeling that his partner is up to something shady.

Sara Tells WEtv Husband She Needs Plastic Surgery

When Life After Lockup‘s Sara insisted she needs plastic surgery, Shawn is leery but agrees to it and hopes it will make her happy. This is another big expense that he will be responsible for.

However, he says if it keeps her from constantly nagging him, he will pay the price. But, Sara is acting strange. She is secretive. This sends some pretty clear red flags up for Shawn. He believes she may be cheating on him.

Life After Lockup: Sara Isaac
Life After Lockup: Sara Isaac – Image Credit: WEtv

Shawn hopes he is wrong, and he starts to do small things to try and please her more. But, no matter what the Life After Lockup husband does, it is not enough.

Sara makes more demands, and things between them continue on a downhill plunge. Now he begins to wonder if she wants breast implants for herself, or someone else.

Life After Lockup: Is Shawn About to be Replaced?

Life After Lockup star Shawn Osborne says he knows he is far from perfect. He also knows she warned him that if he didn’t put more effort into their relationship she would leave him. But the more he thinks about her recent actions, the more he wonders if she already has plans to replace him.

Some WEtv fans believe Sara Isaac is over her marriage to Shawn. Especially now that the love of her life and her daughter Abby’s dad, Anthony is out of prison.

The Life After Lockup wife admits she never got over Anthony. He also makes it clear he wants her back and could care less about breaking up her marriage.

Sara has something she hasn’t told her spouse yet. Anthony wants visitation with their daughter. So, they will spend time together. But is he using their daughter to get close to her? The Life After Lockup cast member is walking a thin line. She is unsure of which direction to go.

She says she loves Shawn Osborne, and she is committed to him. But then there is Anthony. They never had a chance to see what their lives together could have been like. But the wrong decision could cost Sara Isaac and her children everything.

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