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‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey & Jeremy Roloff’s ‘Stupid’ Motorcycle Moment

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff from Little People, Big World look back at moments they had on a motorcycle. Do they have regrets about getting rid of it?

Little People, Big World: Jeremy Roloff & Audrey Say Goodbye to Motorcycle

Jeremy Roloff recently purchased a new home with Audrey Roloff. The Little People, Big World couple’s new house came with a big property. They wanted space to raise their family. They even started their own farm and got chicks.

Little People Big World: Jeremy Roloff – Image Credit: Instagram

Jeremy said he has “too many projects” going on, so it was time to let go of some of his possessions. He got rid of an item he and Audrey Roloff shared many memories with. He said goodbye to his motorcycle, which he calls “Fox.” A good friend of his will be taking the bike off his hands.

Jeremy Roloff had the bike for around nine years. The Little People, Big World former cast member had a lot of fun riding on it. So, it was sad to see it go. But he wasn’t the only one who shared many memories on the motorcycle.

Audrey Roloff & Jeremy Recall ‘Stupid’ Motorcycle Memory

Jeremy Roloff rode the bike with Audrey Roloff all over Los Angeles, California. The TLC couple spent a lot of time in the city while they lived there for a few years. However, they also rode around Santa Barbara on the bike. It was even their main form of transportation.

Audrey feels that she and Jeremy “were stupid” for riding the motorcycle everywhere they did. And, the Little People, Big World reality star’s husband agrees.

He can’t believe what they did and where they went on the bike. But those stupid moments lead to great memories for them that they will never forget, even if they no longer have the bike.

Little People Big World: Audrey Roloff – Jeremy Roloff – Image Credit: Instagram

Audrey also reveals that she would always wear dresses while riding the motorcycle. She knows it wasn’t the best choice. But she had a lot of fun on the back of it.

Little People, Big World Couple Make New Memories

Jeremy Roloff is now making new memories with Audrey Roloff. While living in Los Angeles, the TLC pair didn’t have kids. But now, they have three little ones.

They have been making memories as a family of five. They recently went to California. Yet, they didn’t ride a bike around the city. They took their two older kids to Disneyland.

However, Jeremy and Audrey took some time from their family vacation to relive a moment from their younger days. The Little People, Big World duo didn’t ride around town on a bike. But they did take a picture in the same place at Disneyland that they did several years ago.

A lot has changed for Jeremy and Audrey in the past seven years. They are no longer living in Los Angeles. They also have three children, a new home and many projects going on. But it’s always nice to look back and go down memory lane.

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